100 Sunpower Solar Panels

Sunpower Solar Panels Over Parking Lots

27 December 2011

Parking Lot Solar For anybody who is thinking that solar power is not alive anymore, think again.  Some of the smartest people on the planet are investing in solar power, and those people are the ones who manage the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital which is part of Stanford University’s Medical Center.  At one of their […]

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The Price of a 2kw Solar Panel System – Is It Worth It?

21 December 2011

2kw Solar Panel Systems Recently, there are many advertisements running on TV comparing prices and sizes of different PV solar systems, and it is time that we investigate just what is happening in terms of the consumers true value received.  One particular commercial is promoting a solar system that is rated at 2 kilowatts or […]

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How Many KWH Can 14 Solar Panels Make

02 October 2011

How Much Electricity will Solar Panels actually Make? From the view of the nearest sidewalk a 14 PV panel solar system may not look huge, but the kwh output could surprise you. For houses which are already energy efficient and not surrounded by shade, this size system will make an impact. Looking at the math […]

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big solar hot water panels

Heating Water with Solar Panels

28 September 2011

Finding ways to heat up your water is not a brand new way of thinking.  In several cities across the United States, you will find solar hot water systems in use all over the town, and there is very good reason for this.  Solar hot water saves incredible amounts of money.  Solat Hot Water is […]

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Solar Powered Church-roof

Solar Powered Church in the Bay Area

13 September 2011

Let’s face it, everybody no matter who you or your organization are are using electricity.  That much we can all agree on.  When there is an interest in finding alternative power sources such as PV solar panels, it is really important to figure out what the barriers are to implementing an actual solar system. A […]

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3 KW and 4 KW Solar Systems in Atlanta, GA

05 September 2011

Kilowatt Hour Output data for Solar Systems in Atlanta Georgia: First, let’s look at what could be expected from a 3 kW solar panel system that is producing electricity from solar radiation. 3 kW Solar Panel System in Atlanta, GA: Solar System Specification: City: Atlanta State: Georgia Latitude: 33.65° N Longitude: 84.43° W Elevation: 315 […]

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4kw Solar Panel Energy for St. Louis, Missouri

27 August 2011

4kw Solar PV System Electricity Production Estimates for St. Louis, Missouri Here is a look at the expected values a solar panel system would be able to create in terms of electricity and final dollar savings on a monthly basis in St. Louis.  A key component to this equation is the actual cost per kwh […]

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4 KWH PV Solar Output in Rochester, NY

27 August 2011

Here is an example equation of what you could expect in electricity production each month of the year from a 4 KW PV solar system in Rochester, NY. Please assume that there are no problems with shade hitting the solar panels, and that the system is angled ideally towards the sunlight. The numbers below explain […]

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4 KWH Solar System in Lexington, KY

27 August 2011

Here is data that shows the electricity production of a 4 kwh solar panel system in Lexington Kentucky.  Again, we are going to be assuming that there is no shading and the solar panels are mounted at the appropriate angle of tilt towards the sun. Here is the solar production numbers that could be expected […]

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