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New Solar Rebates of $2/watt for Progress Energy FL Customers

New FL Solar Rebate

In just a few more weeks, starting March 15th, 2011, Progress Energy’s Florida customers will be able to submit applications for a new solar panel rebate incentive.  This new program is going to make tons of families happy who are interested in having solar panels on their roof in this part of Florida.  With so many of the previous rebate programs ending in Florida due to the overwhelming demand, the expectation is that this program will also be maxed out very quickly.

Rules of the Progress Energy Rebate Program

In order for your new solar panels to be eligible for the rebate, the system must be installed by a licensed solar company.  Also, the system must be connected to the Progress Energy Utility grid, which would mean the system’s all must be grid tied systems.  (Having a grid connected system is actually preferred because it means that any extra electricity you generate, will be pumped back into the grid and not lost.)  The solar electric system size requirements are between 2kw – 10kw in total kilowatt size.  The rebate amount is set at $2/watt and the maximum rebate is $20,000.  There is a budget of $1,000,000 set aside for this program and it will be used on a first come first served basis.

If you have any questions about this program, you may email for more information.

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