Solar Panel Examples in Czech Republic Europe

Solar Panels in Europe

Europe I think it is safe to say is leading much of the western world in terms of installing solar PV panels.  On a recent trip to the former communist country of the Czech Republic, I came across many examples of solar in use.  Even in some very small towns and villages, solar electricity is making a big impact and will be helping out families and businesses for a very long time.  Of course solar is always a financial obstacle, but even in countries where one might not expect to find solar power, it can still make sense.

The cost of electricity in much of Europe is far more expensive when compared to many parts of the United States.  This for sure makes the solar equation much more palatable and with the economic incentives from local and federal governments, solar panel installations are increasing.

18 solar panels

 18 Solar Panel System

To the left is a great example of a local village home in Tynec, Czech Republic which is making the most out of their 18 panel solar system.  This system is approximately a 3.2 kw photovoltaic system, and in the summer months it can produce nearly 400 kwh of electricity which is over $100 in electricity in USD prices.  The solar panels are expected to last with great electricity output for another 24 years, and probably will be working well even at that future date.  This family never needs to clean them as it rains on and off all year long, and with a fully unobstructed view towards the sun, and with a proper solar angle, this system is set to go for a long time.

solar hot water Czech Republic

Solar Hot Water

To the left is another fine example of solar in use in Europe.  This is a simple 3 panel solar hot water system that provides piping hot water for this family house all throughout the year.  Solar hot water systems still are very economical, and much cheaper to order and install compared to PV solar, and they really help out with reducing the costs of heating water.  For anybody who is even remotely interested in solar, you should definitely figure out if your roof is a good candidate for solar hot water and start the planning phases now instead of later.


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