California Solar Permit New Laws Regarding Fees

Solar Permits in California

Some very positive new changes have come from lawmakers with regards to new California solar permit fees.  At the start of 2012, the days of massive permit fees by local municipalities as well as other local governments are no longer for solar projects.  Not only is this great news for the planet, but it is also great news for homeowners, but this is great news for businesses as well who want solar energy.

California Solar Permit Fees

  • Residential solar projects can now expect fees to be no larger than $500 per system, plus $15 dollars for every kW over 15kW
  • Business solar projects can now expect fees to be no larger than $1000 per system, plus $7 for every kW between 51 kW and 250 kW, plus $5 for every kW over 250 kW in size

This new law makes life so much easier compared to the varying California solar permit fees and permitting costs that used to exist prior to 2012 in the state of California.  Now, everyone who is interested in solar power will be able to estimate the costs and benefits of a new PV system almost down to the penny.  Before, it was always a guessing game as to what the additional expenses would turn out to be.  If you add in the additional benefits that have started to happen in the solar panel markets around the world with prices continuing to decline, solar is once again becoming more favorable.  Especially for enthusiasts who are looking at this form of energy production with a long term goal in mind.

California Solar Permit Fees

The details of the regulations can be found at the DSIRE website under California’s New Solar Permitting Fees.

Details of the California Assembly Bill 1801 are also available to read online.

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