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4 KWH Solar System in Lexington, KY

Here is data that shows the electricity production of a 4 kwh solar panel system in Lexington Kentucky.  Again, we are going to be assuming that there is no shading and the solar panels are mounted at the appropriate angle of tilt towards the sun.

Here is the solar production numbers that could be expected in terms of kwh in AC:
Month Solar Radiation (kWh/m 2/day) AC Energy (kWh) Energy Value in $

Results for Solar Energy in Lexington, Kentucky
Month Solar Radiation
(kWh/m 2/day)
AC Energy
Energy Value
3.23      317    19.34   
3.85      336    20.50   
4.38      413    25.19   
5.28      463    28.24   
5.48      482    29.40   
5.84      480    29.28   
5.51      469    28.61   
5.40      460    28.06   
4.94      417    25.44   
10  4.61      410    25.01   
11  3.36      301    18.36   
12  2.58      245    14.94   
Year  4.54      4793    292.37 

So, if you look at the bottom figure to the right, the $292.37 figure, it would look like a pretty lousy amount of money to be saving in Kentucky for such an expensive 4kw solar system.  And that is true.  That size solar system is going to cost about $25,000 before tax credits or incentives.  But unfortunately, even with taking advantage of all the solar incentives in the state and country right now, the cost of electricity in Kentucky is too low to make it a very wise investment.
If you are very seriously interested in adding some green technologies to your house in Kentucky, it would be a much better investment to start of with some Solar How Water panels to heat your water, and then re-visiting the solar electricity project at a later date when some of the variables might change.

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