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Review: 3.5kw Solar Panel System for California House

3.5 KW Solar System Review of Energy Output, Size, and Electricity Savings

Solar Electric System Size:

  • 20 solar panels
  • 175 watts per solar panel
  • Total System size 3.5 kw DC

Sunlight hours per day:

  • 5 average sunlight hours per day during the year
  • absolutely no shade from trees or other buildings
  • angle to the sun is not ideal, however it does not affect the equation very much

Electricity Output and Production Amounts in Kilo Watt Hours (kWh)

  • 14.875 kwh per day per year
  • 450 kwh per month

Electricity Savings Each Month and Year with a 3.5 kWh solar system

  • $120 of electricity savings per month
  • about $$1500 of electricity savings on average per year which will increase as electricity becomes more expensive in the future

Expected Costs of 3.5kwh Solar system:

  • average cost per watt = $7.50/watt
  • Total Cost: $26,250 3.5kWh solar system
  • Incentive amounts from solar federal tax credit of 30% = $7,875
  • Net Solar Cost after tax credit: $18,375
  • it is unknown what the local solar rebates were for this project

Video of the 3.5 kw Solar System on this California Home:

Pictures of this house with its 3.5 kw solar panels on the mounting system above the roof:

3.5 kw solar system above roof

3.5 kw solar system above roof

Summary of Solar System:

This would be a very good long term investment into renewable energy sources such as solar, especially if this system qualified for the typical California solar rebate of $6,000-$8,000.  As the electricity prices continue to rise in the state, it will turn into an even better investment for the future as well.  The fact that the system is mounted above the roof of the house also ensures that there is absolutely no shade to worry about blocking the solar cells.

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Home Solar Electric Systems Energy Production Video

The video has 7 examples of electric producing PV Grid connected solar panel systems.  Also, there are estimates as to how much money each system produces each month.  There are examples for a solar system in California with 5.5 sunlight hours and about $.22 per kwh for the cost factor.  Also, there are numbers used for several other states like New York, Texas, and Nevada and Arizona.  One thing that everyone should realize is that even though you may live in a state where there is tons of sunlight, that does not always mean that you will save more money compared to someone living in a less sunny state.  The reason is it also has to do with the average cost of electricity.

Also, the hope is that with the visuals from the video’s solar system examples, you will be able to see what it might look like to have solar panels on your roof.

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