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Solar Power For Apartments

Solar Apartment Ideas

Much of the population of the United States lives in houses, but there is also a very large percentage of the population who live in apartments as well.  Millions of people actually live in apartments or apartment buildings all over the US.  Usually, the electricity needs and consumption for people who live in apartments is typically less than people who live in houses.  There are several reasons for this, and this is actually a positive feature of apartment living.  When it comes down to living a sustainable future in an apartment, there is sometimes few options for solar panels and producing your own electricity.

Some of the newest apartments to be built in cities like New Orleans and Los Angeles and San Francisco are focusing on solar power to help keep utility company generated electricity consumption low.  This is one of the most progressive ways of thinking, and it looks to be very successful so far.  The common apartment building which is located in an urban area or big city, is often open to direct sunlight all day long.  This is not always the case, but often it is.  Also, newly built apartments are not going to be in need of roof repairs for a very long time.  This is also a very positive thing for solar power.  And most importantly, newly constructed apartments are going to be around for many years.  That is exactly what solar panels like.  They have a very long lifespan, and need to be sitting on a roof that will exist for a long time too.

Benefits of Solar Power for Apartments

  1. Apartment owners can sell the electricity to their tenants
  2. Tenants can make use of clean energy
  3. Property value of the apartments increases with solar power
  4. Apartment owners can make use of solar tax credits
  5. Electricity costs can be hedged with solar panels

Negative Aspects of Solar Power for Apartments

  1. Difficult to figure out how to divide construction costs
  2. Certain solar incentives and rebates might not be available to apartment owners
  3. A direct feed of the solar electricity to the electric panel is sometimes difficult
  4. Cleaning of the solar panels is sometimes not accessible

Solar Power for Public Housing Aparment Buildings

One of the most impressive new initiatives is the growth in solar power for public housing apartment buildings all over the United States.  This is an excellent program for several reasons.  One of those reasons has to do with educating the lower class about the importance of renewable energy sources.  Without educating people about how solar power and renewable energy works, it would be an even harder uphill battle to make real changes around the world.  The second big benefit for placing solar panel systems on public housing is all about the investment.  Sometimes local and state and federal governments just don’t know where to spend their money.  With a solar system, the benefits of clean energy production will last for over 25 years in most cases.  And, there are very little maintenance costs associated with solar energy.  So, by installing solar panels on these apartment buildings, and offering low income people solar, it should be looked at as money well spent.

Below are two pictures of solar panels on apartment buildings:

urban solar panels

solar panel apartment building

PV solar apartment buildings

PV solar panels on an apartment

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Solar Panel Average Electricity Production Amounts

home solar panels

Average Solar Panel Electricity Output:

In order to determine the output of a given solar panel, or solar panel system, any scientist or math wizard would need to know a few different variables.  To keep this equation relatively simple, we will assume that some very strange factors like energy loss is the industry average and nothing more or less than that.

Here are the variables we need to determine solar panel electricity output:

  1. Solar panel wattage or panel size
  2. Average sunlight hours in the solar panel’s location
  3. Tilt or angle of the panel towards the sun (is the panel a fixed panel, or does it rotate throughout the day)

Example 1:

175 watt solar panel

5 average sunlight hours per day per year

175 watts DC * 5 hours = 875 watt hours per day per year in Direct Current

After expected energy loss = 743 watt hours in Alternating Current or AC

.743 kwh per day average solar panel kilo watt hour output

Example 2:

180 watt solar panel

6 average sunlight hours per day per year

180 watts DC * 6 hours = 1,080 watt hours per day per year in Direct Current

After expected energy loss = 918 watt hours in Alternating Current or AC

1.08 kwh per day average solar panel kilo watt hour output

Example 3:

200 watt solar panel

5.25  average sunlight hours per day per year

200 watts DC * 5.25 hours = 1,050 watt hours per day per year in Direct Current

After expected energy loss = 892 watt hours in Alternating Current or AC

.892 kwh per day average solar panel kilo watt hour output

Example 4:

170 watt solar panel

7 average sunlight hours per day per year

170 watts DC * 7 hours = 1,190 watt hours per day per year in Direct Current

After expected energy loss = 1.011 watt hours in Alternating Current or AC

1.011 kwh per day average solar panel kilo watt hour output

Example 5:

100 watt solar panel

5 average sunlight hours per day per year

100 watts DC * 5 hours = 500 watt hours per day per year in Direct Current

After expected energy loss = 425 watt hours in Alternating Current or AC

.425 kwh per day average solar panel kilo watt hour output

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List of Solar Installers and Certified Solar Panel Companies By State

A master list of all the Solar Contractors and Solar Installers within the United States listed by each state:

Alabama Solar Installers

  • Daryl Bergquist Solar PV Installer
    • 031806-4 Blountsville, AL steward@otelco.net
  • Jeff Max Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091110-31 Summerdale, AL acmesolarworks@gulftel.com

Alaska Solar Installers

  • Greg Egan Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-35 Fairbanks, AK greg@remotepowerinc.com
  • Nathan Stumpff Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-175 Fairbanks, AK nathan@absak.com
  • Jarrett Humphreys Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-62 Tok, AK sales@wolfsolarelectric.com

Arkansas Solar Installers

  • William Ball Solar PV Installer
    • 102503-2 Little Rock, AR bill@stellarsun.com
  • Flint Richter Solar PV Installer
    • 093006-23 Ponca, AR flint@rockygrove.com

Colorado Solar Installers Companies

  • Eric Miller Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-122 Alma, CO emiller@colorado-clean-energy.com
  • Mike Tierney Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091110-53 Aspen, CO mike@aspensolar.com
  • Harry Hueske Solar PV Installer
    • 031508-40 Aurora, CO hueskejr@comelco.com
  • Jason Weingast Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-139 Avon, CO jason@activeenergies.com
  • Michael Carmien Solar PV Installer
    • 032407-11 Bellvue, CO
  • Adam Horvath Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-83 Boulder, CO lajjh02@yahoo.com
  • Alex Stutt Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-214 Boulder, CO alex@lighthousesolar.com
  • Bernard Faraone Solar PV Installer
    • 091308-22 Boulder, CO bfaraone@namastesolar.com
  • Blake Jones Solar PV Installer
    • 032407-32 Boulder, CO
  • Brian Bruggeman Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-28 Boulder, CO brian@echelonenergy.com
  • Charles Parsons Solar PV Installer
    • 091308-13 Boulder, CO chad.parsons@namastesolar.com
  • Christopher Klinga Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-75 Boulder, CO cklinga@lighthousesolar.us
  • Christopher Rebula Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-113 Boulder, CO christosfranz@hotmail.com
  • Dan Yechout Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-146 Boulder, CO dan@namastesolar.com
  • Dana Mosman Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-159 Boulder, CO dana.mosman@gmail.com
  • Dave Gomez Solar PV Installer
    • 093006-9 Boulder, CO dave.gomez@bellaenergy.com
  • Geoff Manchester Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-108 Boulder, CO geoff@lighthousesolar.com
  • Geoff Manchester Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST031409-7 Boulder, CO geoff@lighthousesolar.com
  • George Vaughan Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-234 Boulder, CO gvaughan@solarips.com
  • James (nick) Williamson Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-232 Boulder, CO nwilliamson@solarips.com
  • James Letts Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-140 Boulder, CO jamie@ngeus.com
  • Jason Coughlin Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST031508-4 Boulder, CO redspecter@earthlink.net
  • Jonah Coles Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-19 Boulder, CO jcoles@solarips.com
  • Jonathan Anderson Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-2 Boulder, CO jonathan@thesolarrevolution.com
  • Joseph Callahan Solar PV Installer
    • 092405-10 Boulder, CO joe@simplesolar.com
  • Leo Patnode Solar PV Installer
    • 031508-64 Boulder, CO lpatnode@solarips.com
  • Marc Guy Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-47 Boulder, CO marc@empowersc.net
  • Martin Beggs Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-10 Boulder, CO mtbeggs@hotmail.com
  • Matthew Heck Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-77 Boulder, CO matth@namastesolar.com
  • Raymond Ryan Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-194 Boulder, CO heyraj@me.com
  • Reynaldo Gonzales Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-44 Boulder, CO reynaldovgonzales@gmail.com
  • Robert Deangelo Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091209-2 Boulder, CO bo@automaticsolar.com
  • Ryan Dulaney Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-51 Boulder, CO ryan.dulaney@namastesolar.com
  • Sam Ley Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-69 Boulder, CO sam.ley@gmail.com
  • Sam Mason Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-148 Boulder, CO sam.mason@sed-net.com
  • Scott Franklin Solar PV Installer
    • 031508-33 Boulder, CO scott@lighthousesolar.us
  • Stephen Kane Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-70 Boulder, CO stephen.kane@namastesolar.com
  • Stephen Ruby Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST031508-12 Boulder, CO office@aquacare.biz
  • Thayer Hirsh Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-102 Boulder, CO thayer.hirsh@gmail.com
  • Wade Andrews Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-129 Boulder, CO wade.andrews@namastesolar.com
  • William Sisk Solar PV Installer
    • 031508-75 Boulder, CO will@cosunflower.com
  • Willie Mein Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091209-6 Boulder, CO willie@customsolar.us
  • Willie Mein Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-96 Boulder, CO willie@customsolar.us
  • Zeke Yewdall Solar PV Installer
    • 031508-89 Boulder, CO zeke@cosunflower.com
  • Brian Huebner Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-106 Breckenridge, CO brian.huebner@gmail.com
  • Bryan Webster Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-240 Breckenridge, CO bryan.webster@gmail.com
  • Eric Westerhoff Solar PV Installer
    • 031806-37 Breckenridge, CO
  • Jared Manske Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-188 Breckenridge, CO jared@roofpowerinc.com
  • Sean McPherson Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-119 Breckenridge, CO seanm@renewablepower.com
  • Justin Amason Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-4 Broomfield, CO justin.amason@bellaenergy.com
  • Andy Lietz Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-85 Carbondale, CO andy@sunsensesolar.com
  • Daniel Wilson Solar PV Installer
    • 091308-53 Carbondale, CO zach@sol-energy.us
  • Isaac Ellis Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-53 Carbondale, CO isaac@sunsensensesolar.com
  • James Sanderford Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-119 Carbondale, CO jes@sunsensesolar.com
  • Jeffrey Lauckhart Solar PV Installer
    • 092907-41 Carbondale, CO mmiller@proftesting.com
  • Kenneth Olson Solar PV Installer
    • 102503-38 Carbondale, CO sol@solenergy.org
  • Kris Lathrop Solar PV Installer
    • 031508-51 Carbondale, CO kris@solenergy.org
  • Steven Haines Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-49 Carbondale, CO steve@sunsensesolar.com
  • Glenn Rudolph Solar PV Installer
    • 091308-32 Cascade, CO glennrudolph57@gmail.com
  • Bruce Padgett Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091308-4 Castle Rock, CO bruce@capitolsolarenergy.com
  • Dennis Beaver Solar PV Installer
    • 091308-54 Centennial, CO dennis_beaver@comcast.net
  • John Dallapiazza Solar PV Installer
    • 031508-22 Centennial, CO john.dallapiazza@bellaenergy.com
  • Luke Christy Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-25 Center, CO sgsrenewables@gmail.com
  • Earl Anderson Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091110-1 Colorado Springs, CO sunrisesolar2010@aol.com
  • James Gustafson Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-90 Colorado Springs, CO djibrilfall@gmail.com
  • John McDonald Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-81 Colorado Springs, CO mcdonaldsolarwind@hotmail.com
  • Lotus N/a Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091110-36 Colorado Springs, CO lotus@rockymtnsolar.com
  • Phil Brodhagen Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-11 Colorado Springs, CO philb@elpasogreenenergies.com
  • Zachary Wehling Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-226 Colorado Springs, CO wehl7962@hotmail.com
  • Eric MacIel Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-89 Crawford, CO energyoptionsllc@gmail.com
  • Jason Pozner Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-177 Crested Butte, CO nunatakenergy@gmail.com
  • Lena Wilensky Solar PV Installer
    • 092907-17 Crested Butte, CO nunatakenergy@gmail.com
  • Anderson Hoke Solar PV Installer
    • 092907-15 Denver, CO anderson.hoke@bellaenergy.com
  • Ben McCormick Solar PV Installer
    • 032407-44 Denver, CO benmccormick@comcast.net
  • Bret Mueller Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-129 Denver, CO bret.mueller@gmail.com
  • Clark Gestring Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-63 Denver, CO kgestring@hotmail.com
  • Craig Konz Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-129 Denver, CO ckonz@solarips.com
  • David Goldenberg Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-71 Denver, CO dgoldenberg@conundrumtechnologies.com
  • Doug A. Claxton Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-39 Denver, CO doug@thesolarrevolution.com
  • Douglas Braam Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-10 Denver, CO doug.braam@namastesolar.com
  • Douglas Drummond Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-49 Denver, CO ddrummond@feloniary.org
  • Erick Frazier Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-160 Denver, CO erickfrazier@gmail.com
  • Francis Curran Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-23 Denver, CO fcurran@solarips.com
  • Geoffrey Berlin Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-6 Denver, CO geoffrey@systematicdesign.info
  • Geoffrey Miller Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-155 Denver, CO geoffdmiller@gmail.com
  • Jeffrey Denovan Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-51 Denver, CO jefedenovan@gmail.com
  • Jeffrey Martin Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-75 Denver, CO jeffdmar@gmail.com
  • John Conde Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-39 Denver, CO jconde@solsourceinc.com
  • Jonathan Sullivan Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-177 Denver, CO jon@simplesolar.com
  • Josh Tatel Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-219 Denver, CO tatelj@gmail.com
  • Kenneth Thames Solar PV Installer
    • 093006-30 Denver, CO thamessolar@earthlink.net
  • Laura Weilert Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-124 Denver, CO lweilert@earthlink.net
  • Mary Broderick Solar PV Installer
    • 032407-10 Denver, CO
  • Matthew Caryofilles Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-22 Denver, CO matthew@saltelectric.com
  • Michael Maharas Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-107 Denver, CO mike@gogreenelectricinc.com
  • Paul Hopkins Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-82 Denver, CO paul@geoenergyconsulting.com
  • Robert Walters Solar PV Installer
    • 041704-42 Denver, CO ray@solarray.com
  • Simon Wood Solar PV Installer
    • 031508-88 Denver, CO simon@canwestsolar.com
  • Ben Jason Solar PV Installer
    • 041704-19 Durango, CO ben@sustainablelivingtech.com
  • Brad Ritter Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-186 Durango, CO brad.ritter1968@gmail.com
  • Carl Elwert Solar PV Installer
    • 093006-4 Durango, CO celwertsolar@hotmail.com
  • Peter Carey Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-29 Durango, CO peter.carey@fourcornerssolar
  • Kent Zeltner Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST031310-28 Edwards, CO klz@comcast.net
  • Jason Frischkorn Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-43 Englewood, CO jasonfrischkorn@yahoo.com
  • Christopher Berg Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-5 Erie, CO cberg@solarips.com
  • Stephen Bures Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-137 Erie, CO stephen.bures@vibrantsolar.com
  • Lawrence Minogue Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-123 Florence, CO larry@anterosolar.com
  • Derek Esposito Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-36 Fort Collins, CO desposito@solarcity.com
  • J. Wesley Cravens Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-147 Fort Collins, CO j.wesley.cravens@wirsol.com
  • Jacob Tornatzky Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST-093006-31 Fort Collins, CO jake@solarcity.com
  • Jacob Tornatzky Solar PV Installer
    • 093006-31 Fort Collins, CO jake@solarcity.com
  • Jess Roden Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-213 Fort Collins, CO jess.roden@gmail.com
  • Philip Friedman Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-42 Fort Collins, CO spssolar@frii.com
  • Rick Coen Solar PV Installer
    • 032407-14 Fort Collins, CO rick.coen@empowersc.net
  • Max Christian Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-34 Ft. Collins, CO max@namastesolar.com
  • Joseph Villacci Solar PV Installer
    • 031508-85 Glenwood Springs, CO joevillacci@gmail.com
  • Eric Opela Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091308-3 Golden, CO info@novan-solar.com
  • Jaakko Tarkka Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-218 Golden, CO jaska@photonsolarpower.com
  • Jerry Hughes Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-61 Golden, CO jhughes@stellarroof.com
  • Shawn Josserand Solar PV Installer
    • 093006-16 Golden, CO shawn@goldensolar.net
  • Stephen Cross Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-47 Golden, CO sunspotsolar@aim.com
  • Craig Carson Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-21 Grand Junction, CO highnoonsolar@yahoo.com
  • Fred Pittenger Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-176 Grand Junction, CO fred@simplicitysolar.com
  • Heidi Ihrke Solar PV Installer
    • 031508-41 Grand Junction, CO highnoonsolar@yahoo.com
  • Mac Lewis Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-68 Grand Junction, CO maclewis1@gmail.com
  • Brad Burritt Solar PV Installer
    • 091308-5 Hotchkiss, CO bsburritt@yahoo.com
  • Daimon Vilppu Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091308-11 Idaho Springs, CO daimon@simplyeff.com
  • Benjamin Jones Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-174 Lafayette, CO ben.jones@vibrantsolar.com
  • Dave Kreutzman Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091308-6 Lafayette, CO amy@nexenene.com
  • James Letts Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091110-27 Lafayette, CO jamie@ngeus.com
  • Larry Bingham Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091308-2 Lafayette, CO larry@nexgenene.com
  • Greg Koss Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-76 Lakewood, CO gkoss@adobesolar.com
  • Luke Gomes Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-43 Lakewood, CO luke.gomes@infinitypowersolutions.com
  • Troy Wanek Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-237 Lakewood, CO troy@solarenergyenvironments.com
  • Daniel Schmied Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091110-46 Littleton, CO dan@sensibleheat.net
  • Jason Houston Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-171 Longmont, CO jhouston@namastesolar.com
  • Robert Wilson Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST031310-26 Longmont, CO wilsey88@gmail.com
  • Wesley Kennedy Solar PV Installer
    • 032407-35 Longmont, CO
  • Jerome Bargo Solar PV Installer
    • 031905-6 Louisville, CO jerry.bargo@abilitysolar.com
  • Leif Cook Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-40 Louisville, CO leif.cook@colorado.edu
  • David Tyson Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-135 Loveland, CO davidwahoo@mywdo.com
  • David Congour Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST031310-6 Montrose, CO ccenergy@montrose.net
  • Joshua Fabian Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-37 Montrose, CO josh@thelastbus.com
  • Ken Laturnus Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-134 Montrose, CO ken@anasazisolar.com
  • Forrest Collins Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-41 Nederland, CO fcollins@juwisolar.com
  • Dave Shiney Solar PV Installer
    • 091308-24 New Castle, CO dave@shiney.com
  • Kelvin Verity Solar PV Installer
    • 092405-27 Norwood, CO kelvin@veritassolar.com
  • Kerry Kalarney Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-63 Olathe, CO
  • Anthony Huff Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-108 Palisade, CO ecofly@bresnan.net
  • Carol Weis Solar PV Installer
    • 093006-33 Paonia, CO carol@solarenergy.org
  • Jeff Tobe Solar PV Installer
    • 031508-84 Paonia, CO jeff@solarenergy.org
  • Justine Sanchez Solar PV Installer
    • 031508-69 Paonia, CO justine@solarenergy.org
  • Tom Carr Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-30 Pine, CO tcarr@solsourceinc.com
  • Tom Carr Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091110-6 Pine, CO tcarr@solsourceinc.com
  • Erik Larsen Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-180 Ridgway, CO erikklarsen@yahoo.com
  • Joshua White Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091209-13 Ridgway, CO jawsolar@yahoo.com
  • Joshua White Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-245 Ridgway, CO jawsolar@yahoo.com
  • Leif Juell Solar PV Installer
    • 091308-10 Ridgway, CO
  • Levi Heinold Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-55 Ridgway, CO mpcbre@yahoo.com
  • Timothy Pettet Solar Thermal Installer
    • ST091209-9 Ridgway, CO timpettet@ymail.com
  • Aaron Mandelkorn Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-73 Salida, CO reosolar@gmail.com
  • Curtis Scheib Solar PV Installer
    • 031409-120 Salida, CO ecoman@ecodepotusa.com
  • Alejandro Fernandez Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-67 Silt, CO alejandrofern@gmail.com
  • Danny Gnojek Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-64 Silverthorne, CO ascentelec@aol.com
  • Jon Harrington Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-96 Silverthorne, CO jharrington@alpinesolardesign.com
  • James Weishaar Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-190 Steamboat Springs, CO crystalpeakpower@gmail.com
  • Adam Robison Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-212 Westminster, CO photovoltaic303@gmail.com
  • Monte Regal Solar PV Installer
    • 091209-147 Westminster, CO solar.wind.co@gmail.com
  • Tracy Dahl Solar PV Installer
    • 091110-148 Weston, CO polarsolar@hughes.net
  • Yurii Wong Solar PV Installer
    • 031310-250 Wheat Ridge, CO yuro007@q.com

Connecticut Solar Companies and Installers
Christopher Lenda Solar PV Installer
031508-53 Branford, CT chris@aegiselectric.com
James McKee Solar PV Installer
031409-91 Danbury, CT tigerel@netzero.net
Jason Ross Solar PV Installer
031508-67 Danbury, CT soulshynin@yahoo.com
David Sawchak Solar Thermal Installer
ST032407-18 Farmington, CT
Thomas Anderson Solar PV Installer
031508-3 Greenwich, CT tom@andersonelectric.net
Craig Both Solar PV Installer
031310-20 Milford, CT crgbth@gmail.com
Richard Dziadul Solar PV Installer
031508-28 New Britain, CT richard@pvsquared.coop
Steven Guzda Solar PV Installer
031508-38 New Fairfield, CT sunelectric@charter.net
Gail Burrington Solar PV Installer
031905-9 Windsor Locks, CT solaredge@yahoo.com

Delaware Solar Installer List and Solar Companies
Brian Lisiewski Solar PV Installer
031409-86 Harbeson, DE brian@flexera.net
Brian Hufe Solar PV Installer
031310-107 New Castle, DE bhufe@suntricitypower.com
Nicholas Taylor Solar PV Installer
031310-221 New Castle, DE ntaylor@cmielectric.com
William Wanex Solar PV Installer
102503-56 New Castle, DE bruce@wanex.com
Dale Davis Solar PV Installer
032407-17 Newark, DE daledavis@cmielectric.com
Andrew Faulkner Solar PV Installer
091209-57 Wilmington, DE agfaulkner@cmielectric.com
Jacob McDowell Solar PV Installer
091110-190 Wilmington, DE jacob.mcdowell@astrumsolar.com

Washington DC Solar Companies
Andrew Truitt Solar PV Installer
032407-66 Washington, DC andrew.truitt@standardsolar.com
Braden Pan Solar PV Installer
091110-91 Washington, DC braden@distributedsun.com
Dilli Neupane Solar PV Installer
031310-162 Washington, DC drneupane@gmail.com
Jonathan Selby Solar PV Installer
031310-197 Washington, DC selby.john@gmail.com
Matt Griffiths Solar PV Installer
091209-68 Washington, DC matt.griffiths@standardsolar.com
Nathan Stumpff Solar PV Installer
091209-175 Washington, DC nathan@absak.com
Sandy Roskes Solar PV Installer
091110-214 Washington, DC sandy.roskes@astrumsolar.com
Vadim Polikov Solar PV Installer
091209-141 Washington, DC vadim@astrumsolar.com
Derek Coen Solar PV Installer
091209-37 Washington Dc, DC docoen@atlanticelectricsupply.com

Florida Solar Companies and Florida Installers
Andrew White Solar PV Installer
031310-244 Apopka, FL andrew@complete-cfl.com
Kirk Maust Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-17 Bradenton, FL kirk@solardirect.com
Kirk Maust Solar PV Installer
091209-112 Bradenton, FL kirk@solardirect.com
David Click Solar PV Installer
041704-8 Cocoa, FL dclick@solardesign.com
Richard Stever Solar PV Installer
031310-210 Coconut Creek, FL richards@agt.com
Scott Williams Solar PV Installer
091308-52 Coral Springs, FL swilliams@hypowerinc.com
Ed Strobel Solar PV Installer
031310-212 Fort Lauderdale, FL ed@sunshinesolarservices.com
Barry Jacobson Solar PV Installer
091209-91 Gainesville, FL barry@solarimpact.com
John Gurski Solar PV Installer
031409-46 Gainesville, FL john@sullivansolarpower.com
Mike Holt Solar PV Installer
031310-104 Groveland, FL mike@mikeholt.com
Roger Messenger Solar PV Installer
031508-60 Highland Beach, FL roger@vergonabowersox.com
Andreas Zahariadis Solar PV Installer
091209-200 Jacksonville, FL azahariadis@dbkenyon.com
Michael Cafiero Solar PV Installer
092405-9 Key Largo, FL solarmichael@comcast.net
Joshua Bessette Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-2 Kissimmee, FL josh@allsolarflorida.com
Stephen Egloff Solar PV Installer
091110-34 Longwood, FL steve.egloff@tcelectric.com
Coy W. Jamerson, Iii Solar PV Installer
091110-60 Maitland, FL coy@completegreensystems.com
Kelly Dunn Solar PV Installer
091110-31 Melbourne, FL kid.dunn@gmail.com
Charles George Solar PV Installer
093006-8 Miami, FL c.george@vegaselectric.net
John McNicholas Solar PV Installer
091209-118 Naples, FL keypowerservices@comcast.net
Charles Carter Solar PV Installer
091110-16 New Smyrna Beach, FL chuckeastcoast@yahoo.com
Joshua Bessette Solar PV Installer
091209-13 Orlando, FL josh@allsolarflorida.com
Michael Brown Solar PV Installer
092907-45 Orlando, FL solarray@solar-ray.net
Stephen Davey Solar PV Installer
091110-26 Plantation, FL snbdavey@yahoo.com
Dominick Porretto Solar PV Installer
091110-204 Pompano Beach, FL dom.porretto@yahoo.com
Jamie Johnson Solar PV Installer
031310-118 Port Charlotte, FL jjohnson@spefl.com
David Jensen Solar PV Installer
031409-67 Sebring, FL djensen@onesolar.com
David Schroeders Solar PV Installer
031409-123 Venice, FL davids@dschroeders.com
John Drndak Solar Thermal Installer
ST031409-4 Vero Beach, FL john@drndak.com
Emmett Bradford Solar PV Installer
031310-22 Winter Garden, FL emmett.bradford@sunshinestatesolarenergy.com
Robert Krieger Solar PV Installer
091209-100 Winter Haven, FL rob.ftc@kriegerelectricinc.com

Georgia Solar Companies
William Silva Solar PV Installer
031409-127 Alpharetta, GA bill@u-renew.com
Tony Purcell Solar Thermal Installer
ST091209-11 Athens, GA crbrinc@yahoo.com
Steve Chiariello Solar PV Installer
031310-37 Atlanta, GA stevec@inmansolar.com
George Andrews Solar PV Installer
031409-3 Barnesville, GA solarsourcega@yahoo.co.uk
Kelly Provence Solar Thermal Installer
Dahloega, GA koprovence@solairgen.com
Kelly Provence Solar PV Installer
031806-28 Dahlonega, GA koprovence@solairgen.com
David George Solar PV Installer
031508-35 Decatur, GA inquire@intownelectric.com
Peter Corbett Solar PV Installer
091110-145 Marietta, GA pcorbett@firstcenturyenergy.com
Timothy Earp Solar PV Installer
031310-59 Murryaville, GA tselectric@gmail.com
Billie Norton Solar PV Installer
031310-163 Ringgold, GA bill@metroservicesinc.com
David Mulcahy Solar PV Installer
091110-87 Roswell, GA dmulcahy@bellsouth.net
Keith Freeman Solar PV Installer
031806-15 Savannah, GA k.freeman@oneworldsustainable.com
Drew Bowen Solar PV Installer
091209-21 Watkinsville, GA drew@turnsolenergy.com

Hawaii Solar Installers
Jack Morris Solar PV Installer
091110-84 Haiku, HI accjack1@yahoo.com
Brian Cunningham Solar PV Installer
091110-22 Honolulu, HI brian.cunnin@gmail.com
Christopher Carbonella Solar PV Installer
031310-36 Honolulu, HI ccarbonella@dephawaii.com
Kevin Schneider Solar PV Installer
091209-161 Kailua-kona, HI kdschneider77@gmail.com
Roland Shackelford Solar PV Installer
091209-162 Kamuela, HI paniauboy@aol.com
Alissa Collins Solar PV Installer
031508-19 Kaneohe, HI alissa14@msn.com
Bryan Lampshire Solar PV Installer
031310-131 Paia, HI bryan@risingsunsolar.com
Matias Besasso Solar PV Installer
031310-15 Paia, HI matias@risingsunsolar.com
Hans Harder Solar PV Installer
091110-52 Pukalani, HI hansharder@gmail.com

Idaho Solar Installers List
Bryce Baker Solar PV Installer
091308-7 Boise, ID bryce@renewableworks.com
Scott Gates Solar PV Installer
031409-39 Boise, ID sgates@idahopower.com
Jake MacArthur Solar PV Installer
091308-12 Driggs, ID jake@cesolar.com
Peter Chaffey Solar PV Installer
102503-9 Hailey, ID chaffnot@gmail.com
Mark Hiddleston Solar PV Installer
031409-57 Mountain Home, ID mark@renewableworks.com
Edward Van Every Solar PV Installer
041704-41 Sun Valley, ID
Andy Tyson Solar PV Installer
031310-228 Victor, ID andy@creativeenergies.biz

Indiana Solar Companies and Certified Solar Installers:
Alexander Jarvis Solar PV Installer
091209-92 Blommington, IN solarindiana@yahoo.com
David Mann Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-16 Bloomington, IN david@mannplumbinginc.com
Brad Morton Solar PV Installer
091308-63 Evansville, IN bmorton@mortonenergy.com
Brian Douce Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-11 Floyds Knobs, IN bdouce@sunwindpowerinc.com
Jeremy Coxon Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-9 Floyds Knobs, IN jcoxon@sunwindpowerinc.com
Jeremy Coxon Solar PV Installer
091308-21 Floyds Knobs, IN jcoxon@sunwindpowerinc.com
Craig Porter Solar PV Installer
031409-109 Lafayette, IN craig@eciwindandsolar.com
Craig Porter Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-43 Lafayette, IN craig@eciwindandsolar.com
Leon Bontrager Solar PV Installer
031409-12 Middlebury, IN leonb@homeandmobileenergy.com
Tracy Hall Solar PV Installer
091209-71 Munster, IN tracynhall@sbcglobal.net
David Hippensteel Solar Thermal Installer
ST031508-7 North Manchester, IN dmhippensteel@gmail.com
David Hippensteel Solar PV Installer
032407-27 North Manchester, IN dmhippensteel@gmail.com

Iowa Solar Installers:
Brandon Schmidt Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-19 Decorah, IA brandon@twinoakhome.com
Dennis Pottratz Solar PV Installer
031905-26 Decorah, IA
Michelle Wei Solar PV Installer
091110-227 Des Moines, IA mwei@gwaintl.com
Thomas Snyder Solar Thermal Installer
ST092907-06 Dyersville, IA studegh@mchsi.com
Michael Howard Solar PV Installer
091209-84 Elk Horn, IA mhoward@liberty-labs.com
Steven Guyer Solar PV Installer
091110-51 Johnston, IA sguyer@gwaintl.com

Kansas Solar Installers:
Aron Cromwell Solar Thermal Installer
ST031508-5 Lawrence, KS acromwell@cromwellenv.com
Chris Rogge Solar PV Installer
091110-99 Lawrence, KS crogge@cromwellenv.com
Bob Solger Solar PV Installer
091110-252 Prairie Village, KS bsolger@tesstore.com

Kentucky Solar Installer List:
Matthew Partymiller Solar Thermal Installer
ST032407-15 Lexington, KY matt@solar-energy-solutions.com
Brenson Kingren Solar PV Installer
031409-74 Louisville, KY ben.kingren@sunnysideconsultingllc.com
David Underwood Solar PV Installer
091110-118 Louisville, KY david.underwood@earthwell.cc
Justin Brown Solar PV Installer
091110-13 Louisville, KY justin.brown@earthwell.cc
Daniel Hughes Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-23 Union, KY dan.hughes@insightbb.com

Louisiana Solar Installer Companies:
Jeff Shaw Solar PV Installer
031409-126 Baton Rouge, LA jeff@gulfsouthsolar.com
Justin Runnels Solar PV Installer
091308-44 Baton Rouge, LA justin@solenergyonline.com
Jeremie Branton Solar PV Installer
091209-23 Haughton, LA jeremie@freedompowerllc.com
James Haynes Solar PV Installer
031310-98 Maurice, LA jehsolar@yahoo.com
Corey Shalanski Solar PV Installer
091209-163 New Orleans, LA cshalanski@joule-energy.com
Corey Shalanski Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-20 New Orleans, LA cshalanski@joule-energy.com
Jeffrey Cantin Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-5 New Orleans, LA jdcantin@solalt.com
Jeffrey Cantin Solar PV Installer
031310-35 New Orleans, LA jdcantin@solalt.com
Lauren Craig Solar PV Installer
091110-21 New Orleans, LA lacraig819@gmail.com
Patrick Daniel Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-10 New Orleans, LA patrick@trulightsolar.com
Pete Breaux Solar PV Installer
031409-15 New Orleans, LA pbreaux@southcoastsolar.com
Scott Oman Solar PV Installer
031409-105 New Orleans, LA scott@southcoastsolar.com
Timothy Coats Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-5 New Orleans, LA coats_t@yahoo.com
Matthew Roberts Solar PV Installer
091110-211 Stonewall, LA oneplanetsolar@bellsouth.net
Richard Carroll Solar PV Installer
Zachary, LA rcarroll18@cox.net

Maine Solar Installers and Solar Electric Companies:
Terrance Wessel Solar PV Installer
092907-52 Blue Hill, ME terry@americansunelectric.com
William Bradley Solar PV Installer
032407-2 Bristol, ME
Larry Favreau Solar PV Installer
031310-65 Brunswick, ME larryf@favreau-electric.com
Wm Conners Solar PV Installer
092405-12 Brunswick, ME conners@maine.com
Mark Morris Solar PV Installer
091209-126 Cape Elizabeth, ME mmeceme@yahoo.com
Dale Roy Solar PV Installer
093006-25 Fort Kent, ME mainesolarandwind@hotmail.com
William Behrens Solar PV Installer
092405-3 Liberty, ME bill@energyworksllc.com
Christopher Fowles Solar PV Installer
031310-72 Monson, ME cfowles@solarofmaine.com
Daryl Dejoy Solar PV Installer
031806-12 Penobscot, ME info@penobscotsolar.com
Vaughan Woodruff Solar Thermal Installer
ST091209-14 Pittsfield, ME vaughanwoodruff@gmail.com
Geoffrey Sparrow Solar PV Installer
031508-79 Portland, ME geoffreysparrow@yahoo.com
Geoffrey Sparrow Solar Thermal Installer
ST031409-10 Raymond, ME geoffreysparrow@yahoo.com
Michael Donnelly Solar PV Installer
031806-13 Rockland, ME benchmarkelec@aol.com
Blair May Solar PV Installer
041704-29 Waldoboro, ME tump@hughes.net

Maryland Solar Installers List
David Ganske Solar PV Installer
091110-162 Annapolis Junction, MD david.ganske@astrumsolar.com
Benjamin Davis Solar PV Installer
031409-29 Baltimore, MD ben@astrumsolar.com
Michael Cook Solar PV Installer
031310-44 Baltimore, MD mike@powerupco.com
Michael Funk Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-16 Baltimore, MD mfunk@greenspringenergy.com
Leland Bristol Solar PV Installer
032407-9 Beallsville, MD leebristol@standardsolar.com
Shawn Gibson Solar PV Installer
031310-83 Chesapeake Beach, MD sgibson@tandbelectricco.com
Dean Eastlake Solar PV Installer
091110-32 Columbia, MD dean@aurora-energy.com
Mark Hurm Solar PV Installer
031310-110 Elkton, MD mark@rsunsolar.com
Richard Schmidt Solar PV Installer
092907-35 Hollywood, MD rschmidt@solartechinc.net
Keith Winston Solar Thermal Installer
ST031508-16 Hyattsville, MD keith@earthsunenergy.com
Foad Alvandi Solar PV Installer
031310-3 Laurel, MD foad.alvandi@astrumsolar.com
Christopher Colavito Solar PV Installer
091209-38 Montgomery Village, MD cj.colavito@standardsolar.com
Richard Louis Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-15 Parkton, MD rich@sunnysidesolarenergy.com
Jason Topercer Solar PV Installer
091110-115 Potomac, MD jtopercer@cleancuments.com
Andrew Truitt Solar PV Installer
032407-66 Rockville, MD andrew.truitt@standardsolar.com
Clayton Herzog Solar PV Installer
091110-56 Sharpsburg, MD clayherzog@comcast.net
Ben Margolis Solar PV Installer
091209-109 Silver Spring, MD bmargolis@sunedison.com
Zayn Bradley Solar Thermal Installer
ST032407-2 Woodsboro, MD

Massachusetts Solar Installers:
Andrew Lyne Jr Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-30 Abington, MA andy@ajlyne.com
Christopher Kilfoyle Solar PV Installer
041704-22 Adams, MA
Jeff Clearwater Lernould Solar PV Installer
102503-31 Amherst, MA gosolar@villagepower.com
Thomas Ferronetti Solar PV Installer
091110-157 Andover, MA ferronetti@verizon.net
Mark Allen Solar PV Installer
091308-67 Arlington, MA info@markallenelectric.com
Pete Fine Solar PV Installer
091110-159 Attleboro, MA pete@ussolarworks.com
Mark Albright Solar PV Installer
031409-1 Belchertown, MA malbright@alterisinc.com
Thomas Wright Solar PV Installer
091209-198 Belchertown, MA thom@baskpower.com
Jon Fiorelli Solar PV Installer
091209-58 Boston, MA jon.fiorelli@satcon.com
James Cormican Solar PV Installer
091209-41 Boxborough, MA jayelli@hotmail.com
Roberto Bachman Solar PV Installer
031409-5 Boxborough, MA
Jeffrey Schwartz Solar PV Installer
031508-73 Brewster, MA jashrew@yahoo.com
Michael Kelly Solar PV Installer
031409-72 Burlington, MA mike@solarflair.com
Philip Harris Solar PV Installer
031310-97 Cambridge, MA phil@solarflair.com
Lockhart Webb Solar PV Installer
031508-86 Chelmsford, MA hwebb@borregosolar.com
Timothy Rzeszutek Solar PV Installer
091110-215 Chicopee, MA timrzeszutek@yahoo.com
Conrad Geyser Solar PV Installer
031409-40 Cotuit, MA
Roger Gaydou Solar PV Installer
031310-80 Dartmouth, MA rogerg@solarinstallco.com
Mark Wendolowski Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-56 Easthampton, MA lmsc80@yahoo.com
Phil Smith Solar PV Installer
031508-77 Easthampton, MA phil_smith007@hotmail.com
Justin Orzeck Solar PV Installer
031310-166 Haverhill, MA sparky91678@comcast.net
Ed Whitaker Solar PV Installer
031409-142 Hopedale, MA ewhitaker@sgegroup.com
Joshua Wells Solar PV Installer
091308-36 Hopedale, MA jtw752000@yahoo.com
Matthew Arner Solar PV Installer
031409-4 Hopkinton, MA matt@solarflair.com
Robert Thrasher Solar PV Installer
091110-114 Hubbardston, MA rthrasher@wjgei.com
William Carr Solar PV Installer
091209-31 Hudson, MA bill@newenglandbreeze.com
Jason Stoots Solar PV Installer
031508-80 Hyannis, MA jackstipps@aol.com
John Capron Solar PV Installer
091110-141 Jamaica Plain, MA
Carter Wilding-white Solar PV Installer
031806-38 Lee, MA cwwhite@solar-works.com
Jonathan Sarno Solar PV Installer
091209-158 Lowell, MA jsarno@borregosolar.com
Ryan Burrowbridge Solar PV Installer
093006-3 Lowell, MA ryan@borregosolar.com
John Carroll Solar PV Installer
031508-16 Lunenburg, MA mosshollow@comcast.net
Christopher Peterson Solar PV Installer
031310-172 Marstons Mills, MA nahele@riseup.net
John Innes Solar PV Installer
031409-65 Medford, MA innesja@gmail.com
Theodoros Petsas Solar PV Installer
031409-107 Medford, MA tpetsas@panelclaw.com
John Lagasse Solar PV Installer
031409-80 Newbury, MA jlagasse@nexamp.com
Stephen Magill Solar PV Installer
091110-186 North Ahleboro, MA smagill@wjgei.com
Daniel Leary Solar PV Installer
031508-52 North Andover, MA dleary@nexgenenergy.com
Michael Rotondo Solar PV Installer
031310-190 Plymouth, MA mrotondo@alterisinc.com
Adam Gross Solar PV Installer
091110-164 Shrewsbury, MA agross144@hotmail.com
Cheney Brand Solar PV Installer
091308-9 Somerville, MA cheney.brand@sunbugsolar.com
Ryan Albert Solar PV Installer
091209-3 Somerville, MA ryanpalbert@gmail.com
Michael Kocsmiersky Solar PV Installer
102503-28 Springfield, MA mkocsmiersky@alterisinc.com
Peter Cyr Solar PV Installer
091209-43 Swansea, MA pcyr12@gmail.com
Stephen Kurkoski Solar PV Installer
041704-23 Warwick, MA skurkoski@hotmail.com
Philip Forest Solar PV Installer
091110-41 West Tisbury, MA pforest@southmountain.com
Timothy Twombly Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-54 West Tisbury, MA info@sunwatermv.com
Joseph Busch Solar PV Installer
091110-138 Westminster, MA jbusch@borregosolar.com
Peter Giacobbe Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-17 Weymouth, MA peterg3003@comcast.net
Vincent Guntlow Solar PV Installer
091110-49 Williamstown, MA vinceg@nesolarandgreen.com
Michael Ortolano Solar PV Installer
091110-90 Worcester, MA mortolano@absolutegreenenergy.com

Michigan Solar Companies and Solar Installers:
John Wakeman Solar PV Installer
031806-33 Ann Arbor, MI john@sur.biz
Dave Leahy Solar PV Installer
031310-135 Brighton, MI dleahy@dovetailsolar.com
Henry Jagos Solar PV Installer
031409-87 Brighton, MI kjsystems@att.net
Matthew Merfert Solar PV Installer
032407-45 Brooklyn, MI
Sandy Roskes Solar PV Installer
091110-214 Farmington Hills, MI sandy.roskes@astrumsolar.com
Howard Croft Solar PV Installer
031310-46 Flint, MI howardcroft@midmichigansolar.com
Charles Ammond Solar PV Installer
091209-4 Grand Rapids, MI chuck@ammendesign.com
Bruce Barget Solar PV Installer
092405-2 Holly, MI bbarget@georenew.com
Michael Hillard Solar PV Installer
091209-80 Kalamazoo, MI delpow@att.net
Brenson Kingren Solar PV Installer
031409-74 Naubinway, MI ben.kingren@sunnysideconsultingllc.com
Jeffrey Quackenbush Solar PV Installer
091209-142 Northport, MI solar.ninja@yahoo.com
Joe Bradanyi Solar PV Installer
031310-21 Taylor, MI joe@fairfaxelectric.net
Thomas Denniston Solar PV Installer
031310-50 Temperance, MI tjd2@buckeye-express.com
Michael Miller Solar PV Installer
091110-83 White Lake, MI m.miller@phoenixenv.com

Minnesota Solar Installers:
Jesse Dahl Solar PV Installer
091209-44 Aurora, MN dahlsolar@gmail.com
David Sand Solar PV Installer
031409-118 Avon, MN
Gary Hammer Solar PV Installer
091308-18 Becker, MN
John Keane Solar PV Installer
091110-175 Blaine, MN jkeane215@q.com
Jonah Prusi Solar PV Installer
031310-180 Brooklyn, MN j.prusi@comcast.net
Daniel Williams Solar PV Installer
091110-127 Champlin, MN dan.williams@powerfullygreen.com
Rebecca Lundberg Solar PV Installer
031409-87 Champlin, MN rebecca.lundberg@powerfullygreen.com
Billy Jansen Solar PV Installer
031310-113 Chaska, MN billyjansen@ymail.com
Mike Yechout Solar PV Installer
031310-252 Chisago City, MN myechout@hotmail.com
Dawn Eimers Solar PV Installer
091110-150 Circle Pines, MN deimers@huntelec.com
Raymond Zeran Solar PV Installer
091209-202 Coon Rapids, MN rzeran@mplsjatc.org
Robert Sogla Solar PV Installer
091209-168 Coon Rapids, MN rsogla@comcast.net
Andrew Jurmu Solar PV Installer
031310-120 Corcoran, MN jurmu67@hotmail.com
John Herkenhoff Solar PV Installer
031310-100 Delano, MN jherk35@frontiernet.net
Scott McTavish Solar PV Installer
031409-94 Duluth, MN smctavish@conservtech.com
Bradley Kanis Solar PV Installer
091209-96 Eden Prairie, MN brad.kanis@gephartelectric.com
Donald Hanson, P.E. Solar PV Installer
031310-93 Eden Prairie, MN dfhanson@ieee.org
John Aune Solar PV Installer
091110-1 Eden Prairie, MN johna@bluehorizonsolar.com
Mario Monesterio Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-35 Eden Prairie, MN mmonesterio@westwoodrenewables.com
Charles Pickard Solar PV Installer
031310-175 Excelsior, MN cpickard@aladdinsolar.com
Craig Tarr Solar PV Installer
031508-82 Hudson (wi), MN ctarr@energyconcepts.us
Nicholas Gadbois Solar PV Installer
091110-161 Hugo, MN zro_on_up@yahoo.com
William Parsons Solar PV Installer
031310-171 Hugo, MN biddink5@hotmail.com
Timothy Pendergast Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-41 Hutchinson, MN suntapenergy@yahoo.com
Donald Conniff Solar PV Installer
031508-20 Lakeville, MN
Anthony Czeck Solar PV Installer
031409-28 Lino Lakes, MN
Clint Kyllonen Solar PV Installer
031508-48 Menahga, MN clintjk@wcta.net
Julie Odendahl Solar PV Installer
031310-164 Mendota Heights, MN jeebi@comcast.net
Kurt Koegel Solar Thermal Installer
ST093006-7 Miltona, MN kekkek66@yahoo.com
Aaron Wurst Solar PV Installer
031409-144 Minneaplois, MN wurstaa@earthlink.net
Chaucer Bergstrom Solar PV Installer
091209-12 Minneapolis, MN chaucer@green-circuit.com
Chris Sibell Solar PV Installer
091110-106 Minneapolis, MN chris@appliedenergyinnovations.org
Jared Baker Solar PV Installer
031310-8 Minneapolis, MN jbakes@gmail.com
Jon Kramer Solar PV Installer
091209-99 Minneapolis, MN jk2surf@aol.com
Kelley Benyo Solar PV Installer
031508-8 Minneapolis, MN dragonsparky@earthlink.net
Jerry Lilyerd Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-13 Mora, MN jlilyerd@gmail.com
Thomas Schlosser Solar PV Installer
091209-159 North Mankato, MN tomschloss@yahoo.com
Jason Edens Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-13 Pine River, MN jason@rreal.org
Joel Lindstrom Solar PV Installer
032407-39 Pine River, MN www.rreal.org
Curtis Shellum Solar PV Installer
031310-200 Rochester, MN cshellum2@charter.net
Charles Quick Solar PV Installer
091209-143 Roseville, MN charlierquick@comcast.net
Mario Monesterio Solar PV Installer
091209-124 Saint Paul, MN mmonesterio@westwoodrenewables.com
Steve Coleman Solar Thermal Installer
ST091209-1 Saint Paul, MN stevecolemanpuma@gmail.com
Mark Houser Solar PV Installer
031310-105 Shakopee, MN mhouser@choiceelec.com
Kevin Baierl Solar PV Installer
091308-39 Shoreview, MN northtek@ties2.net
Timothy Lipetzky Solar PV Installer
031310-144 Springfield, MN timlipetzky@gmail.com
Daryck Heizelman Solar PV Installer
091209-78 St. Cloud, MN baronduke@excite.com
James Darabi Solar PV Installer
091110-25 St. Paul, MN james.darabi@solarfarm.com
Ralph Jacobson Solar Thermal Installer
ST092907-02 St. Paul, MN ralphj@ips-solar.com
Todd Fink Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-8 St. Paul, MN
William Gausman Solar PV Installer
031310-79 St. Paul, MN bill.gausman@peoplesco.com
Claude Clavette Solar PV Installer
091209-36 Stillwater, MN clavettece@yahoo.com
Donald Edison Solar PV Installer
091308-34 Stillwater, MN dedison@pro-ns.net
Garry Gilberg Solar PV Installer
091110-45 Stillwater, MN garry@summiteco.com
Jason Linder Solar PV Installer
031310-143 Stillwater, MN jason@freener-g.com
Julie Selton Solar PV Installer
091110-216 Stillwater, MN universeelectric@yahoo.com
Michael Harvey Solar PV Installer
091308-19 Stillwater, MN mike@weknowsolar.com
Eric Hanson Solar PV Installer
031310-94 West St. Paul, MN erichhanson@gmail.com
Christopher Jarosch Solar PV Installer
031508-43 Woodville ( Wi ), MN chris@carrcreekelectricservice.com

Missouri Solar Installers:
Jeff Schmidt Solar PV Installer
091110-102 Hermann, MO jeff@straightupsolar.com
Vaughn Prost Solar PV Installer
031310-179 Jefferson City, MO vxp@prostbuilders.com
Marc Lopata Solar PV Installer
091110-250 St Louis, MO mlopata@microgrid-energy.com
Dane Glueck Solar PV Installer
031409-42 St. Louis, MO dane@straightupsolar.com

Montana Solar Installers:
Al Borrego Solar PV Installer
091209-20 Bozeman, MT delsoltech@theglobal.net
Barton Churchill Solar PV Installer
091209-35 Bozeman, MT bartonchurchill@hotmail.com
Conor Darby Solar PV Installer
031508-23 Bozeman, MT cdarby@solarips.com
John Palm Solar PV Installer
091209-136 Bozeman, MT info@bozemangreenbuild.com
John Palm Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-39 Bozeman, MT info@bozemangreenbuild.com
Orion Thornton Solar PV Installer
031508-83 Bozeman, MT othornton@solarips.com
Sarah Ray Solar PV Installer
031310-183 Bozeman, MT sarahmray@gmail.com
Stephen Edwards Solar PV Installer
031508-30 Bozeman, MT sedwards@solarips.com
Jeffrey Wongstrom Solar PV Installer
031905-34 Eureka, MT thirstylake@interbel.net
Dan Brandborg Solar PV Installer
031409-14 Hamilton, MT dan@brandborg.com
Blair Krumm Solar PV Installer
031409-77 Helena, MT bgkrumm@juno.com
Jackson Isbell Solar PV Installer
091209-89 Helena, MT jack.isbell@solarmontana.com
Frank Tavenner Solar PV Installer
102503-53 Missoula, MT solplex@montana.com
Greg Guscio Solar PV Installer
091110-50 Missoula, MT gguscio@sbslink.com
John Hamilton Solar PV Installer
041704-16 Missoula, MT solplex@montana.com
Mike Sudik Solar PV Installer
091209-176 Missoula, MT masudik@bigskysolar-wind.com
Henry Dykema Solar PV Installer
041704-11 Red Lodge, MT sundancesolar@starband.net
Travis Jordan Solar PV Installer
031409-69 Ronan, MT sparky.jordan@gmail.com
Mark Dickson Solar PV Installer
091209-45 Stevensville, MT mark@oasismontana.com
Janelle Stauff Solar PV Installer
031310-209 Victor, MT info@sunelco.com

Nevada Solar Panel Installers and Contractors:
Bret Alexander Solar PV Installer
032407-1 , NV solar@tahoesolardesigns.com
Gary Handelin Solar PV Installer
092907-10 Carson City, NV garyh@solarindependence.com
James Korzeniewski Solar PV Installer
091110-178 Gardnerville, NV jimk@highdesertelectric.com
Jeff Pinsler Solar PV Installer
091110-94 Henderson, NV jspinsler@yahoo.com
Alan Brooks Solar PV Installer
091209-25 Las Vegas, NV abrooks@bombardelec.com
Federico Faina Solar PV Installer
031310-64 Las Vegas, NV fedefaina@hotmail.com
Guy Snow Solar PV Installer
091209-166 Las Vegas, NV guy@ggsystems.net
Harold Andrieu Solar PV Installer
032407-3 Las Vegas, NV nitamichael@cox.net
Johnnie Taul Solar PV Installer
091110-112 Las Vegas, NV jtaul@contielectric.com
Douglas Olson Solar PV Installer
091209-133 Reno, NV dougo@briggselectric.com
Farzad Tabrizi Solar PV Installer
031310-216 Reno, NV ftabrizi@sierrasolarsystems.com
Jason Schultz Solar PV Installer
091110-104 Reno, NV jason@cleanenergycenter.com
Joe Pizur Solar PV Installer
041704-34 Reno, NV alternativeenergysolutions@msn.com
John Sturdevant Solar PV Installer
091110-223 Reno, NV john@oneearthsolar.com
Josh Kanan Solar PV Installer
091209-95 Reno, NV advancedgreen@sbcglobal.net
Seth Wiggins Solar PV Installer
091110-231 Reno, NV seth@solnv.com

New Hampshire Solar Installers:
Craig Cadieux Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-4 Bridgewater, NH craig@plymouthenergy.org
Myles Moriarty Solar PV Installer
031409-102 Dover, NH selym@earthlink.net
Mark Weissflog Solar PV Installer
102503-58 Lyndeborough, NH kwmgmt@jlc.net
Patrick Retelle Solar PV Installer
091110-208 Nashua, NH pat_retelle@yahoo.com
Kevin Gagnon Solar PV Installer
031310-76 North Salem, NH mountainfrog@aol.com
Edward Roy Solar PV Installer
102503-47 Stewartstown, NH ehroy@peoplepc.com

New Mexico Solar Installers:
Aaron Cabral Solar PV Installer
091110-15 Albuquerque, NM aaron@affordable-solar.com
Christopher Dow Solar PV Installer
091110-29 Albuquerque, NM dowenerchi@mac.com
Daniel Duffield Solar PV Installer
092405-14 Albuquerque, NM dand@directpower.com
Frank Hanish Solar PV Installer
091110-166 Albuquerque, NM fhanish@banddindustries.com
Josh Brokaw Solar PV Installer
031310-26 Albuquerque, NM joshua.brokaw@dkdelectric.com
Michael Elliott Solar PV Installer
031310-63 Albuquerque, NM michael@sacredpowercorp.com
Odes Armijo-caster Solar Thermal Installer
ST032407-1 Albuquerque, NM odes@sacredpowercorp.com
Odes Armijo-caster Solar PV Installer
031508-5 Albuquerque, NM odes@sacredpowercorp.com
Robert Green Solar PV Installer
031310-86 Albuquerque, NM bverde747@comcast.net
Russell Herring Solar PV Installer
091110-168 Albuquerque, NM russellh@banddindustries.com
Allan Sindelar Solar PV Installer
102503-52 Cerrillos, NM allan@positiveenergysolar.com
Thomas Woodard Solar PV Installer
091110-234 Corrales, NM tom.woodard@q.com
Conor Black Solar PV Installer
091110-8 Las Cruces, NM conor@positiveenergysolar.com
Corey Asbill Solar PV Installer
031905-3 Las Cruces, NM casbill@nmsu.edu
Mark Westbrock Solar PV Installer
091308-3 Las Cruces, NM westbrock@positiveenergysolar.com
Greg Mechels Solar PV Installer
031409-95 Los Alamos, NM jemezwired@aol.com
Joel Baker Solar PV Installer
091110-130 Rio Rancho, NM jbaker@cleanswitch.com
Daniel Rice Solar PV Installer
102503-44 Santa Fe, NM sundogsolar@yahoo.com
Gordon Woodcock Solar PV Installer
091209-196 Santa Fe, NM gordon@positiveenergysolar.com
John Gwynn Solar PV Installer
031409-48 Santa Fe, NM gwynnrich@comcast.net
Mark Drummond Solar PV Installer
092405-15 Santa Fe, NM mark@positivenergysolar.com
Mark Stevens Solar Thermal Installer
ST092907-12 Santa Fe, NM the.mark.stevens@gmail.com
Pascal Duverge Solar PV Installer
031508-27 Santa Fe, NM pascal@positiveenergysolar.com
Randy Sadewic Solar PV Installer
031806-30 Santa Fe, NM randy@positiveenergysolar.com
Tom Engel Solar PV Installer
091209-54 Santa Fe, NM tom@positiveenergysolar.com
Cary Lane Solar PV Installer
031905-17 Sapello, NM cary@energyconcepts.net
Andrew O’Reilly Solar PV Installer
092907-19 Taos, NM andy@positiveenergysolar.com
Daniel Weinman Solar PV Installer
031310-241 Taos, NM dan@paradisepower.net
Derric Dumrese Solar PV Installer
091209-52 Taos, NM derric5001@hotmail.com
Jonathan Jimenez Solar PV Installer
091110-62 Tijeras, NM jjj@affordable-solar.com

North Carolina Solar Installers:
Drew Cates Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-7 Alexander, NC emaildrewcates@gmail.com
James Newell Solar Thermal Installer
ST091209-7 Alexander, NC graysonnewell@hotmail.com
Adam Sacora Solar Thermal Installer
ST092907-13 Asheville, NC adam@flsenergy.com
Alan Watts Solar PV Installer
091209-189 Asheville, NC
Dale Freudenberger Solar Thermal Installer
ST092907-14 Asheville, NC dale@flsenergy.com
Erik Ostergaard Solar Thermal Installer
ST031409-9 Asheville, NC eco@truegreenconsulting.com
Michael Pope Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-42 Asheville, NC mpope@thermacraft.com
Nathan Pembleton Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-40 Asheville, NC nate@flsenergy.com
Thomas Ryan Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-45 Asheville, NC tryan@soltherm.com
Andrew Fulton Solar PV Installer
091209-61 Ashville, NC afulton@flsenergy.com
Joseph Bowling Solar PV Installer
091209-22 Bessemer City, NC joe@energywisesolutions.net
Brian Revell Solar PV Installer
091209-149 Boone, NC sunvoltenergy@gmail.com
William Wright Solar PV Installer
091209-199 Boone, NC bwright@powerquestglobal.com
Seth Willey Solar PV Installer
092405-29 Brasstown, NC solarmanseth@gmail.com
Kurt Johnson Solar PV Installer
012206-4 Burnsville, NC kurt.johnson@sunpowercorp.com
David Del Vecchio Solar PV Installer
092405-13 Carrboro, NC david@solarvillage.com
Eric Nessl Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-38 Carrboro, NC enessl@stratasolar.com
Eric Nessl Solar PV Installer
031310-161 Carrboro, NC enessl@stratasolar.com
Hemant Sura Solar PV Installer
091110-111 Cary, NC hsura@greentc.com
Gabriel Cantor Solar Thermal Installer
ST031508-2 Chapel Hill, NC gcantor@solartechsouth.com
Paul Brucke Solar PV Installer
031310-27 Chapel Hill, NC pbrucke@solartechsouth.com
Jeanine Avent Solar PV Installer
031508-6 Charlotte, NC javent@pike.com
Justin Taylor Solar PV Installer
031310-220 Charlotte, NC justint@southern-energy.com
John Whitley Solar PV Installer
091308-38 Durham, NC jr@southern-energy.com
Kyra Moore Solar PV Installer
091209-125 Durham, NC kyra@southern-energy.com
Rebekah Hren Solar PV Installer
091209-85 Durham, NC rebekah.hren@o2energies.com
Adam Sacora Solar PV Installer
091209-157 Fairview, NC adam@flsenergy.com
Joseph Sheffield Solar PV Installer
031310-199 Fayetteville, NC joe@alternativeenergync.com
Travis Simpson Solar PV Installer
031310-204 Greensboro, NC tsimpson@extendenergy.com
Thomas Honey Solar PV Installer
091209-81 Liberty, NC tom@honeyelectricsolar.com
Arthur Dougherty Solar PV Installer
091110-28 Marshall, NC solarguys@gmail.com
Bob Kingery Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-11 Morrisville, NC bkingery@southern-energy.com
David Banfield Solar PV Installer
091110-3 Mount Airy, NC david.m.banfield@gmail.com
David Boynton Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-3 Pittsboro, NC davidb@southern-energy.com
David Boynton Solar PV Installer
091308-25 Pittsboro, NC davidb@southern-energy.com
Ben Gravely Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-10 Raleigh, NC grc@ipass.net
James Thompson Solar PV Installer
091209-181 Raleigh, NC threetangerines@hotmail.com
Max Isaacs Solar PV Installer
091209-88 Raleigh, NC max@southern-energy.com
Raymond Vickery Solar PV Installer
091209-185 Raleigh, NC movick42@gmail.com
Shawn Fitzpatrick Solar PV Installer
092907-09 Raleigh, NC shawnafitzpatrick@gmail.com
Timothy Mills Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-33 Raleigh, NC plantsandrocks@hotmail.com
Daniel Kinateder Solar PV Installer
031310-127 Wilmington, NC dank@kescoelectric.com
John Donoghue Solar PV Installer
091110-149 Wilmington, NC john@capefearsolarsystems.com
John Donoghue Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-7 Wilmington, NC john@capefearsolarsystems.com
Merriel Powers Solar Thermal Installer
ST091209-10 Wrightsville Bch, NC kppropiping@earthlink.net

Ohio Solar Installers:
Drake Chamberlin Solar PV Installer
031409-24 Amesville, OH drake.chamberlin@gmail.com
Brandon Stephens Solar PV Installer
031409-132 Athens, OH brandon@third-sun.com
Brian Wilgenbusch Solar PV Installer
091110-126 Athens, OH wildbusch8@yahoo.com
Geoffrey Greenfield Solar PV Installer
102503-17 Athens, OH geoff@third-sun.com
Randall Hatch Solar PV Installer
091308-28 Athens, OH randy@third-sun.com
Timothy McMillian Solar PV Installer
031409-92 Athens, OH timm@third-sun.com
Carl Scheutzow Solar PV Installer
031905-28 Brunswick, OH ccscheutzow@adelphia.net
Rich Roberts Solar PV Installer
091110-98 Canal Winchester, OH rich@robertselectrical.com
Steven Cole Solar PV Installer
091110-18 Canal Winchester, OH cole6437@yahoo.com
Bryan Bowden Solar PV Installer
091110-132 Cincinnati, OH power@one.net
Carl Adams Solar PV Installer
031508-1 Cincinnati, OH cadams@sunrocksolar.com
Carl Adams Solar Thermal Installer
ST091308-5 Cincinnati, OH cadams@sunrocksolar.com
James Owens Solar PV Installer
091110-201 Cincinnati, OH jowens@ameridiansvcs.com
Justin Beischel Solar PV Installer
091110-4 Cincinnati, OH justin@jbelectric.cc
L. Gery Van Treeck Solar PV Installer
031310-230 Cincinnati, OH lgvanman@aol.com
Mark Gillespie Solar PV Installer
091110-163 Cincinnati, OH mgillespie@tmielectric.com
Matthew Kuhn Solar PV Installer
091110-179 Cincinnati, OH mkuhn@the-fischer-group.com
Matthew Owens Solar PV Installer
091209-135 Cincinnati, OH msowens@ameridiansvcs.com
Nathan Young Solar PV Installer
031310-256 Cincinnati, OH nathanylmt@hotmial.com
Patrick Sherwin Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-49 Cincinnati, OH patricksherwin@gmail.com
Patrick Sherwin Solar PV Installer
093006-26 Cincinnati, OH patricksherwin@hotmail.com
Perry Leitner Solar PV Installer
031310-139 Cincinnati, OH perryleitner@gmail.com
Ali Buttar Solar PV Installer
031310-32 Cleveland, OH ali@yellowlite.com
Erika Weliczko Solar PV Installer
041704-43 Cleveland, OH erika@repowersolutions.com
Brian Engle Solar PV Installer
091110-35 Columbus, OH brianengle@sbcglobal.net
David Compaan Solar PV Installer
031310-43 Columbus, OH dcompaan@att.net
Scotte Elliott Solar PV Installer
091110-153 Columbus, OH selliott@greentechconsultants.com
Donald Kennard Solar PV Installer
031310-126 Dayton, OH todd.kennard@chapel.com
Joseph Jancauskas Solar PV Installer
091110-61 Dayton, OH jjancauskas@technologyassessment.com
Matthew Bennett Solar PV Installer
102503-4 Glouster, OH matt@dovetailsolar.com
Nathan Chamberlin Solar PV Installer
091209-33 Hamilton, OH nathan@extremesolar.us
Steve Drago Solar PV Installer
031508-25 Kent, OH sdrago@neo.rr.com
James Roberts Solar PV Installer
091209-151 Kettering, OH waveservices@live.com
Colin Vogt Solar PV Installer
091110-121 Loveland, OH cpv2@cinci.rr.com
Charles Pickering Solar PV Installer
091110-203 Marietta, OH clpickering@davispickering.com
Mark Tuttle Solar PV Installer
102503-55 Maumee, OH mtuttle@advanced-dg.com
Bryan Miller Solar PV Installer
091110-192 Milford, OH bmiller@melinkcorp.com
Daniel Young Solar PV Installer
031508-90 Millfield, OH dyoung@dovetailsolar.com
Daniel Young Solar Thermal Installer
ST031409-13 Millfield, OH dyoung@dovetailsolar.com
Jeffrey Waisner Solar PV Installer
031310-236 Napoleon, OH jeff.waisner@gogreen4power.com
Charles Korotnayi Solar PV Installer
091110-64 Perrysburg, OH ckorotnayi@rlcos.com
Gabe Schnabel Solar PV Installer
091209-160 Perrysburg, OH gabe@progressivepowerllc.com
Gabe Schnabel Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-47 Perrysburg, OH gabe@progressivepowerllc.com
Leonard Watkins Solar PV Installer
031310-238 Pomeroy, OH lwatkins
Gerald Heminger Solar PV Installer
031310-99 Port Clinton, OH jerry.heminger@romanoffelectric.com
Robert Martens Solar PV Installer
091209-110 Shaker Heights, OH rob@boldalternatives.com
Gerald Easton Solar Thermal Installer
ST031409-5 Stewart, OH gary@arp-solar.com
Gerald Easton Solar PV Installer
031508-29 Stewart, OH gary@arp-solar.com
Peter Kachenko Solar PV Installer
091209-94 The Plains, OH peter@third-sun.com
John Witte Solar PV Installer
102503-60 Toledo, OH jwitte@advanced-dg.com
Sam Garber Solar PV Installer
031310-77 Union City, OH sam@inspiramental.com
Thomas Whitby Solar PV Installer
031310-243 Westlake, OH twhitby@lakeerieelectric.com
Benjamin Davis Solar PV Installer
031409-29 Youngstown, OH ben@astrumsolar.com

Oklahoma Solar Installer:
David Nordahl Solar Thermal Installer
ST031508-10 Noble, OK dnordahl@electricgreensolar.com

Oregon Solar Installers:
Chance Currington Solar PV Installer
031409-27 Bend, OR chance.currington@sunlightsolar.com
Jeffrey Blick Solar PV Installer
031409-10 Bend, OR jeffblick@hotmail.com
Kyle Bolger Solar PV Installer
031905-7 Bend, OR kyle@sunlightsolar.com
Stacey McKinney Solar PV Installer
031508-58 Bend, OR cyclicalsunshine@hotmail.com
James Reismiller Solar PV Installer
031409-76 Corvallis, OR james@abundantsolar.com
Laura Uhler Solar PV Installer
031409-136 Corvallis, OR laura.uhler@solarki.com
Ryan Mayfield Solar PV Installer
091308-1 Corvallis, OR ryan@renewableassociates.com
John Crawford Solar PV Installer
041704-9 Eugene, OR crawfordscot@yahoo.com
James Braun Solar PV Installer
031310-24 Happy Valley, OR jbraun043@yahoo.com
Al Walker Solar PV Installer
031806-34 Idleyld Park, OR energyindepend@centurytel.net
Coty Gottlieb Solar PV Installer
031310-84 Klamath Falls, OR coty@ecosolarnow.com
Eric Andrews Solar PV Installer
031508-4 Klamath Falls, OR eric@ecosolarnow.com
Bruce Fiero Solar PV Installer
031409-38 Medford, OR willpowerelect@aol.com
Jesse Flachsbart Solar PV Installer
031310-71 Oregon City, OR info@oregonsolardesign.com
Robert Nieman Solar PV Installer
092907-42 Philomath, OR briggs_n@hotmail.com
Adam Ward Solar PV Installer
091110-123 Portland, OR award@recsolar.com
Andrew Marks Solar PV Installer
091110-74 Portland, OR marksy@comcast.net
Brian Crise Solar PV Installer
031905-12 Portland, OR bcrise@nietc.org
Brion Wickstrom Solar Thermal Installer
ST031508-15 Portland, OR brion@synchrosolarpdx.com
Derek Cropp Solar PV Installer
031508-21 Portland, OR treetopflyer67@yahoo.cm
Greg Kamps Solar Thermal Installer
ST031508-9 Portland, OR gkamps98@yahoo.com
Martin Larson Solar PV Installer
091209-103 Portland, OR marty@timnaenergy.com
Nicole Clock Solar PV Installer
032407-13 Portland, OR nicole.clock@gmail.com
Patrick Stapleton Solar PV Installer
031905-31 Portland, OR pjs@ipns.com
Ron Burden Solar PV Installer
093006-2 Portland, OR ron.burden@solarprofessional.com
Sarah Freel Solar PV Installer
031508-34 Portland, OR sarah@synchrosolarpdx.com
Kirpal Khalsa Solar PV Installer
031508-46 Rogue River, OR solarworks@gmail.com
Ken Denouden Solar PV Installer
091110-27 Springfield, OR ken@aesrenew.com
Eric Hansen Solar PV Installer
091308-23 Williams, OR eric.hansen@apbb.net

Pennsylvania Solar Installers and Solar Contractors:
Thomas Pacenta Solar PV Installer
091110-202 Ashland, PA thomaspacenta@mtcarmelcogen.com
Guy Jacquet Solar PV Installer
031310-112 Avondale, PA guy@solarpropa.com
Blair Buselli Solar PV Installer
091110-139 Beach Lake, PA blair@busellisolutions.com
Brian Redmond Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-44 Beech Creek, PA enviroedge@hotmail.com
Michael Shadow Solar PV Installer
031310-198 Bellefonte, PA michael@sundirected.com
William Fitch Iii Solar Thermal Installer
ST032407-6 Berwick, PA fcfcfc@pa.metrocast.net
Glenn Minnick Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-34 Bethlehem, PA minnick95@live.com
Brian Duncan Solar PV Installer
031310-56 Boyertown, PA brian@gopasolar.com
Gregg Stephens Solar PV Installer
031409-133 Bristol, PA gregg@aesolar.com
Alan Rushforth Solar Thermal Installer
ST092907-08 Bryn Mawr, PA alanrushforth@comcast.net
Matthew Wilson Solar PV Installer
031310-248 Camp Hill, PA matt.wilson@seccoinc.com
Michael Meier Solar PV Installer
091209-120 Carlisle, PA meier@syntec.carlisle.com
Jay Levin Solar PV Installer
031310-141 Chalfont, PA jlevin@tectaamerica.com
Peter Vari Solar PV Installer
031310-233 Churchill, PA peterv@mooreenergy.net
Mark Stevens Solar Thermal Installer
ST092907-12 Collegeville, PA the.mark.stevens@gmail.com
Carlos Lizarraga Solar PV Installer
091110-182 Conshohocken, PA clizarraga@services-ges.com
John Breckinridge Solar PV Installer
031310-25 Dalton, PA jbreckinridge@yahoo.com
Shawn Terrell Solar PV Installer
091110-113 Dunmore, PA sterrell@off-gridelectric.com
Dominick Matinelli Solar PV Installer
091110-77 Easton, PA dommer39@yahoo.com
Philip Theis Solar PV Installer
031310-223 Ephrata, PA phil@pennsun.com
Joseph Difrancisco Solar PV Installer
031508-24 Erie, PA nces@verizon.net
John Teti Solar PV Installer
091110-224 Glenside, PA john.teti@astrumsolar.com
Benjamin Zook Solar PV Installer
031508-91 Gordonville, PA benjaminzook@yahoo.com
Curtis Blessing Solar PV Installer
031310-18 Havertown, PA blessingelectric@verizon.net
Michael Schmerl Solar PV Installer
032407-56 Hershey, PA mike.schmerl@esipowercorp.com
Martin Young Solar PV Installer
031310-255 Honesdale, PA martinyoung@gravitysunpower.com
Benjamin Strunk Solar PV Installer
091209-174 Lancaster, PA benstrunk@comcast.net
Francine Notte Solar PV Installer
092907-51 Little Meadows, PA mmiller@proftesting.com
Stephen Hogue Solar PV Installer
091110-170 Loretto, PA shogue@gmmccrossin.com
Gary Sheehan Solar PV Installer
031905-29 Malvern, PA g.sheehan@suntechnics.com
Richard Toews Solar PV Installer
031310-226 Manheim, PA rtoews9@gardenspotelectric.com
Bill Hennessy Solar PV Installer
031409-56 Mertztown, PA bill@berkssolar.com
Gary Goodyear Solar PV Installer
091110-48 Morton, PA gary@goodyearelectric.com
Sameer Singh Solar PV Installer
091110-220 Newtown, PA sam33r@gmail.com
Foad Alvandi Solar PV Installer
031310-3 Norristown, PA foad.alvandi@astrumsolar.com
Alberto Fernandez Solar PV Installer
091110-156 Philadelphia, PA afblanco@services-ges.com
David Staller Solar PV Installer
031310-208 Philadelphia, PA dstaller@mercurysolarsystems.com
Richard Hwang Solar PV Installer
031310-111 Philadelphia, PA rhwang@eosss.com
Robert Monk Solar PV Installer
031310-156 Philadelphia, PA wireman@banecorp.com
Mark Connolly Solar Thermal Installer
ST031508-3 Phoenixville, PA mconnolly@atlanticenergyconcepts.com
Mark Connolly Solar PV Installer
091308-16 Phoenixville, PA mconnolly@atlanticenergyconcepts.com
Michael Whitehead Solar PV Installer
091110-230 Phoenixville, PA mwhitehead@verizon.net
Chris Lehman Solar PV Installer
031310-138 Pine Grove Mills, PA clehman@envinity.com
Daniel Camacho Solar PV Installer
031409-18 Pittsburgh, PA dc@abender.com
Mark Hendrych Solar PV Installer
091110-55 Pittsburgh, PA marekcsa@hotmail.com
Russell Hall Solar PV Installer
031310-91 Richboro, PA russell@eco-merica.com
Craig Edwards Solar PV Installer
091110-33 Schnecksville, PA craig@evergreen-geo.com
Jason Dorta Solar PV Installer
031310-53 Shillington, PA jasond@kpsnet.com
Andrew MacKey Solar PV Installer
091110-72 State College, PA mackeyad@gmail.com
Michael Matotek Solar PV Installer
091110-189 Swarthmore, PA michael@openskyenergy.net
Andrew Olson Solar PV Installer
092405-23 Wexford, PA flappy1@syracusenet.net

Rhode Island Solar Installers:
Christopher Warfel Solar PV Installer
102503-57 Block Island, RI cwarfel@entech-engineering.com
Trevor Reiff Solar PV Installer
091110-96 Jamestown, RI trevorreiff@hotmail.com
Charles Picard Solar PV Installer
091110-93 Providence, RI charlespicard32@gmail.com

South Carolina Solar Installers:
Chris Salmon Solar PV Installer
031508-68 Columbia, SC chris.salmon@comfortservices.com
Bruce Wood Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-27 Greer, SC brucew@sunstoresolar.com
Bruce Wood Solar PV Installer
031409-143 Greer, SC brucew@sunstoresolar.com
John Bodine Solar PV Installer
091209-17 Lexington, SC johnbodine@bellsouth.net

South Dakota Solar Installers:
Jeremy Anderson Solar PV Installer
091209-5 Sturgis, SD jeremy@powerplusinfo.com

Tennesse Solar Installers and Solar Companies:
Thomas Tripp Solar PV Installer
102503-54 Chattanooga, TN tmtripp@bigfrogmountain.com
Edward Bauer Solar PV Installer
091110-131 Crossville, TN zec@crossville.com
Bryan Asbury Solar PV Installer
091209-7 Dandridge, TN masbury@engineeringservicegroup.com
Eric Rank Solar PV Installer
031310-182 Gadsden, TN erank@solarrenewablepowersystems.com
Audrey Lee Solar PV Installer
091110-67 Knoxville, TN audreylee04@comcast.net
David Bolt Solar PV Installer
031409-11 Knoxville, TN dwbolt@sustainablefuture.biz
Edward Zubko Solar PV Installer
031409-147 Knoxville, TN ed@ezsolar.biz
David Puttre Solar PV Installer
091308-64 Nashville, TN dvputtre@gmail.com
Gary Wolf Solar PV Installer
091209-195 Nashville, TN gary.wolf@ttcdickson.edu
Jeffrey Lang Solar PV Installer
031310-132 Nashville, TN jlangpro@gmail.com
Karl Jaeger Solar PV Installer
032407-30 Nashville, TN karl@lightwavesolarelectric.com
Peter Vash Solar PV Installer
091308-51 Nashville, TN petevash@yahoo.com
Steve Johnson Solar PV Installer
032407-31 Nashville, TN sjohnson@lightwavesolarelectric.com
Jason MacIsaac Solar PV Installer
031310-146 Powell, TN jason@eetenn.com
Michael Butler Solar PV Installer
031310-31 Powell, TN mike@eetenn.com

Texas Solar Installers Companies:
Stephen Bryan Solar PV Installer
091110-14 Alpine, TX finelines@bigbend.net
David Regal Solar PV Installer
032407-54 Amarillo, TX
Bob Kendrick Solar PV Installer
031310-125 Anna, TX bobkendrick@axiumsolar.com
Aaron Dugan Solar PV Installer
091209-50 Austin, TX adugan@sre3.com
Adrian Buck Solar PV Installer
092405-6 Austin, TX abuck26@hotmail.com
Adrian Newcomb Solar PV Installer
091110-195 Austin, TX teslaelectricinc01@gmaill.com
Andrew Taft Solar PV Installer
091209-179 Austin, TX taftandrew@yahoo.com
Benjamin Brotherton Solar PV Installer
091110-12 Austin, TX benben51@hotmail.com
Benjamin Taylor Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-21 Austin, TX ben@lighthousesolar.com
Brandon Mathis Solar PV Installer
091209-90 Austin, TX brandon@solarcommunity.net
Catherine Redson Solar PV Installer
091110-207 Austin, TX credson@me.com
Charles Farmer Solar PV Installer
093006-6 Austin, TX charles@meridiansolar.com
Charles Hughes Solar PV Installer
091110-72 Austin, TX chughes@sre3.com
Chris Rath Solar PV Installer
091209-146 Austin, TX chris@crsolar.com
Craig Overmiller Solar PV Installer
031806-25 Austin, TX craig@txspc.com
David Dixon Solar PV Installer
091209-47 Austin, TX david@hcecopower.com
Dominic Westeen Solar PV Installer
091308-37 Austin, TX dwesteen@gmail.com
Douglas Soester Solar PV Installer
031310-206 Austin, TX dsoester@greencityaustin.com
Dustin Fields Solar PV Installer
091110-158 Austin, TX dustinfields@gmail.com
Dustin Roberts Solar PV Installer
091110-210 Austin, TX dustinroberts@gmail.com
Enrique Espinoza Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-14 Austin, TX
Eric Kay Solar PV Installer
031508-45 Austin, TX eric@meridiansolar.com
Farid Agahi Solar PV Installer
091209-2 Austin, TX agahif@austin.rr.com
Gordon Gunn Solar PV Installer
091209-69 Austin, TX ggunn@austin.rr.com
James Paxton Solar PV Installer
012206-8 Austin, TX zpaxton@sre3.com
James Sylvana Solar PV Installer
091209-178 Austin, TX jim@celestialpower.biz
Jason Comstock Solar PV Installer
031905-11 Austin, TX jason@meridiansolar.com
Jeff Wolfe Solar PV Installer
031310-249 Austin, TX jeff@solarcommunity.net
Joel East Solar PV Installer
031310-60 Austin, TX joel@lighthousesolar.com
John Hoffner Solar PV Installer
102503-22 Austin, TX john.hoffner@ch2m.com
John Shields Solar PV Installer
091110-218 Austin, TX johnny_smoke@msn.com
Louis Petrik Solar PV Installer
031310-173 Austin, TX louis@longhornservices.com
Luke McQuage Solar PV Installer
031310-152 Austin, TX lmcquage@qasystems.com
Mark Rangel Solar PV Installer
091209-145 Austin, TX mark@txspc.com
Maverick Brown Solar PV Installer
091209-26 Austin, TX maverick@mavericksolar.com
Michael Kuhn Solar PV Installer
031409-78 Austin, TX michael.kuhn@imaginesolar.com
Omar Ortiz Solar PV Installer
031409-106 Austin, TX oortiz@wklloyd.com
Paul Camp Solar PV Installer
091209-28 Austin, TX pcamp@lighthousesolar.com
Quentin Keith Solar PV Installer
031409-71 Austin, TX qkeith@lighthousesolar.us
Roger Jennings Solar PV Installer
031310-115 Austin, TX roger@txspc.com
Ryan Holcombe Solar PV Installer
091110-58 Austin, TX rholcombe@gridpoint.com
Ryan Hunter Solar PV Installer
091209-87 Austin, TX ryandhunter@gmail.com
Samuel Leonard Solar PV Installer
091110-251 Austin, TX sleonard82@gmail.com
Stan Pipkin Solar PV Installer
031409-108 Austin, TX stan@lighthousesolar.us
Terrence Brand Solar PV Installer
Austin, TX iblogrom@yahoo.com
Thomas Isaac Solar Thermal Installer
ST091209-5 Austin, TX isaac@solarme.com
Todd McCollum Solar PV Installer
091110-78 Austin, TX todd.mccollum@gmail.com
Tommy Jacoby Solar PV Installer
093006-15 Austin, TX info@jacobysolar.com
Travis Moller Solar PV Installer
031409-100 Austin, TX travis_moller@yahoo.com
Vicente Guerrero Solar PV Installer
031310-88 Austin, TX guerrero.vincent@gmail.com
David Brearley Solar PV Installer
091804-5 Autin, TX david.brearley@solarprofessional.com
Jim Duncan Solar PV Installer
031310-57 Azle, TX ntrei@1scom.net
Scott Snyder Solar PV Installer
091209-167 Bonham, TX ssnyder@ntxair.com
Greg Holloway Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-22 Brenham, TX gregmsc@sbcglobal.net
Gianluca Ferrario Solar PV Installer
091110-37 Brownsville, TX luca@spigogreen.net
Rodney Mueller Solar PV Installer
091110-194 Buda, TX rodm@texeleco.com
Scott Bourgeois Solar PV Installer
091110-9 Carrollton, TX scottb810@gmail.com
Adam Burke Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-3 College Station, TX aburke@txgreenenergy.com
Adam Burke Solar PV Installer
031310-30 College Station, TX aburke@txgreenenergy.com
Gary Trainer Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-23 Comfort, TX garytrainer@hotmail.com
Aaron Kelly Solar PV Installer
031310-123 Dallas, TX aaron@sungatesolar.com
Carlos Moreno Solar PV Installer
031409-101 Dallas, TX cmoreno@sre3.com
John Wadley Solar PV Installer
031310-235 Dallas, TX wadleyjk@hotmail.com
Richard Stovall Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-52 Del Valle, TX richard.stovall@imaginesolar.com
Richard Stovall Solar PV Installer
091209-173 Del Valle, TX richard.stovall@imaginesolar.com
Corey Costello Solar PV Installer
091110-146 Dripping Springs, TX corey.costello@selfreliantsolar.com
Jeff Bendall Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-2 Dripping Springs, TX jbendall@lighthousesolar.com
Antonio Reyes Solar PV Installer
031310-185 El Paso, TX tony@solarsmartliving.com
Gunnar Borge Solar PV Installer
091209-19 El Paso, TX gunnar@solarsmartliving.com
Javier Perea Solar PV Installer
091209-137 El Paso, TX jperea@solarsmartliving.com
Rogerio Aranda Solar PV Installer
031310-6 El Paso, TX roger@solarsmartliving.com
Rudolph Maio Solar PV Installer
091110-187 El Paso, TX rmaio@epjatc.com
Mark Vickers Solar PV Installer
091110-225 Elgin, TX mark@vickersre.com
James Shows Solar PV Installer
031310-203 Fort Worth, TX greg.shows@gmail.com
Brian Cullen Solar PV Installer
091209-42 Frisco, TX bdc1963@gmail.com
Daniel Moyer Solar PV Installer
091209-128 Frisco, TX dmoyer01@gmail.com
Brian Cunningham Solar PV Installer
031310-48 Garland, TX brian.cunningham@ontility.com
James McElhanon Solar PV Installer
091110-191 Georgetown, TX jmcelhanon@aol.com
Jim Hellebusch Solar PV Installer
091209-79 Georgetown, TX jim@randallelectric.com
Robert Villarreal Solar PV Installer
091110-120 Georgetown, TX rhvillarreal@sbcglobal.net
Chris Boyer Solar PV Installer
031508-12 Houston, TX boyer.chris@sbcglobal.net
Christian Lofton Solar PV Installer
091110-71 Houston, TX christian.lofton@apowersolutions.com
Philip Camarata Solar PV Installer
091209-27 Houston, TX pcamarata@sre3.com
William Baxter Solar PV Installer
031310-13 Houston, TX will.watershed@gmail.com
Gary Willett Solar PV Installer
031310-246 Irving, TX gary@icarussolarservices.com
Dj Douglas Solar PV Installer
031310-54 Keller, TX djdouglas@affordasolar.net
Christopher Ross Solar PV Installer
031310-189 Krum, TX cmross17@yahoo.com
Vicki McAninch Solar PV Installer
091308-70 Leander, TX vicki@meridiansolar.com
K. Beggs Solar PV Installer
091209-9 Lindale, TX dale@greenlifetechinc.com
Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-21 Lucas, TX
Dick Ancell Solar PV Installer
031310-5 Marfa, TX ancells@sbcglobal.net
Steve Johnson Solar PV Installer
091110-173 Mcdade, TX sjohnson@jselectric.com
Joseph Felder Solar PV Installer
031310-66 Missouri City, TX josephfelder@sbcglobal.net
Patrick McLeod Solar PV Installer
091209-117 New Boston, TX pat.mcleod@apowersolutions.com
James ‘hoss’ Boyd Solar PV Installer
091110-133 New Braunfels, TX hoss@tierraverdesolar.com
Gregg Blain Solar PV Installer
031310-17 Odessa, TX gblain0021@sprynet.com
Anthony Gust Solar PV Installer
031508-37 Paige, TX tony@meridiansolar.com
Gabriel Flores Solar PV Installer
091110-40 Pflugerville, TX gflo150@yahoo.com
Charles Roehrig Solar PV Installer
091209-153 Plano, TX croehrig@tx.rr.com
Mike Kendrick Solar PV Installer
031409-73 Plano, TX mikekendrick@axiumsolar.com
John Mortellaro Solar PV Installer
091110-193 Round Rock, TX johnnycheese_2000@yahoo.com
Matthew Hladik Solar PV Installer
091110-169 Round Rock, TX racer13mh@gmail.com
Scobie Robert Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-48 Round Rock, TX roboscobo@yahoo.com
Charles Kirk Solar PV Installer
091110-176 San Antonio, TX ckirk@hill-electric.com
George Rapier Solar PV Installer
091110-206 San Antonio, TX skeets@estrellasolarpower.com
Joseph Palumbo Solar PV Installer
031310-169 Spring, TX joe@trimelectric.com
William Fitch Solar PV Installer
091110-38 Spring Branch, TX hollis3@cincosolar.com
William Fitch Solar Thermal Installer
ST091209-3 Spring Branch, TX hollis3@cincosolar.com
Ken Siddall Solar PV Installer
091110-219 Tomball, TX ksiddall@homestarsolar.com
Rudy Wright Solar PV Installer
091209-197 Tyler, TX rwright@wright-way.com
Anthony Fernandez Solar PV Installer
031310-68 Van Aistyne, TX anthony@axiumsolar.com
Victoria Ortiz Solar PV Installer
091110-199 Weslaco, TX vortiz@soltechnologiesllc.com
Allen Hoover Solar PV Installer
091110-59 Wichita Falls, TX allen@411nrg.com

Utah Solar Installers:
Troy Harvey Solar PV Installer
091110-53 Brighton, UT taharvey@heliocentric.org
Robert Soldat Solar PV Installer
092907-11 Castle Valley, UT rjsoldat@citlink.net
Sterling Holmes Solar PV Installer
031409-59 Cedar City, UT sch71875@yahoo.com
Stewart Somerville Solar PV Installer
093006-28 Cedar City, UT stewart@cedarcity.net
Kyle Canfield Solar PV Installer
031310-34 Eden, UT kyle@imwindandsolar.com
James McCown Solar PV Installer
091110-80 Lake Point, UT chuck@beehive.net
Steven Bishop Solar PV Installer
031409-9 Magna, UT pioneersolar@comcast.net
Thaniel Bishop Solar PV Installer
091308-55 Magna, UT thanielbishop@comcast.net
Tim Ularich Solar PV Installer
031409-137 Murray, UT tim@positivelyenergized.com
Kenneth Gardner Solar PV Installer
031806-17 Ogden, UT ken@gardnerengineering.net
Cecil Harrison Solar PV Installer
031409-51 Orem, UT cecil_harrison@byu.edu
Brok Thayn Solar PV Installer
031310-122 Salt Lake City, UT brok@huntelectric.com
Kelly Vandenberg Solar PV Installer
031310-231 Salt Lake City, UT kellyontheriver@hotmail.com
Marc Staker Solar PV Installer
091209-171 Salt Lake City, UT marc@sunlightsolar.pro
Parker Williams Solar PV Installer
091209-193 Sandy, UT parker@solar-volts.com
Todd Gardner Solar PV Installer
031310-78 St. George, UT toddgardner@alphaengineering.com
Thomas Furman Solar PV Installer
031310-75 Thatcher, UT thomasfurman@greenteamdirect.com
John Raynes Solar PV Installer
031508-65 Torrey, UT john@raynes.com
Jerrold Knapp Solar PV Installer
031310-128 West Jordan, UT r_knapp@comcast.net
John Christensen Solar PV Installer
091110-17 West Valley City, UT john@uejatc.org

Vermont Solar Installers:
Andrew Cay Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-4 Brattleboro, VT zsoun@isasolar.com
Glenn Letourneau Solar PV Installer
091110-240 Brattleboro, VT zsoun@isasolar.com
E. Jerome Morton Solar PV Installer
091110-86 Bridgewater Corners, VT jerrym@restecsolar.com
William White Solar Thermal Installer
ST0342407-25 Brookfield, VT wwhite@alterisinc.com
William White Solar PV Installer
093006-34 Brookfield, VT wwhite@alterisinc.com
Nicholas Ponzio Solar PV Installer
031905-25 Burlington, VT nponzio@buildingenergyus.com
Daniel Brown Solar PV Installer
092907-44 Chittenden, VT dan@foxfire-energy.com
Howard Michaelson Solar PV Installer
031905-22 Corinth, VT howie@suncatchervt.com
Amos Post Solar PV Installer
031409-110 East Bethel, VT amospost@grosolar.com
James Grundy Solar PV Installer
102503-18 East Montpelier, VT jim@elementalenergy.com
Richard Gottleib Solar PV Installer
102503-16 Guilford, VT richard@sunnysidesolar.com
Andrew Olson Solar Thermal Installer
ST032407-13 Hartford, VT flappy1@syracusenet.net
David Palumbo Solar PV Installer
102503-41 Hyde Park, VT dave@independentpowerllc.com
Gary MacArthur Solar PV Installer
093006-19 Marlboro, VT gmaca@sover.net
Carl Elwert Solar PV Installer
093006-4 Montpelier, VT celwertsolar@hotmail.com
Chris Heine Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-20 Northfield, VT mecaheineho@hotmail.com
Simon Piluski Solar PV Installer
091209-139 Putney, VT simonpiluski@gmail.com
Peter Sternberg Solar PV Installer
091209-171 Shaftsbury, VT plstern@sover.net
Richard Rivers Solar PV Installer
091308-66 Waterbury, VT richerivers@gmail.com
Matthew Murphy Solar PV Installer
031310-160 Waterbury Center, VT zenmurphy@gmail.com
Tim Biebel Solar PV Installer
091110-7 Windsor, VT
Doug Wells Solar PV Installer
031806-36 Worcester, VT dwells@thesolarspecialists.com

Virginia Solar Installers:
Jacob McDowell Solar PV Installer
091110-190 Annandale, VA jacob.mcdowell@astrumsolar.com
Tim Rumford Solar PV Installer
091110-100 Ashburn, VA trumford.helios@verizon.net
Christopher Roberts Solar PV Installer
031310-188 Blacksburg, VA chris@baselinesolar.com
Jason Fisher Solar PV Installer
102503-14 Charlottesville, VA jfisher.spna@gmail.com
Josh Tatel Solar PV Installer
031310-219 Charlottesville, VA tatelj@gmail.com
Matthew Dunay Solar PV Installer
091308-49 Charlottesville, VA mdunay@altenergyincorporated.com
Jeffrey Yago Solar PV Installer
102503-62 Gum Spring, VA jryago@netscape.com
John Koontz Solar PV Installer
091209-98 Leesburg, VA jkoontz@heliosage.com
Nicholas Abrash Solar PV Installer
091209-1 Reston, VA nick.abrash@standardsolar.com
Richard Good Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-9 Va Beach, VA good4us@solarservices.com

Washington Solar Installers:
Michael Lichtenberger Solar PV Installer
091110-70 Bainbridge Island, WA mlichtenberger@comcast.net
Kelly Keilwitz Solar PV Installer
031905-15 Coupeville, WA kelly@whidbeysunwind.com
William Hoffer Solar PV Installer
091110-57 East Wenatchee, WA sunengser@gmail.com
Eric Youngren Solar PV Installer
092405-30 Eastsound, WA eric@rainshadowinc.com
Goldah Moore Solar PV Installer
031310-157 Langley, WA goldahruthmay8@yahoo.com
Andrew Cochrane Solar PV Installer
031508-18 Port Townsend, WA andy@powertripenergy.com
Benjamin Valentine Solar PV Installer
031310-229 Port Townsend, WA ben@whidbeysunwind.com
Hans Frederickson Solar PV Installer
031310-73 Port Townsend, WA hans@fredelectric.com
Steve Carr Solar PV Installer
031409-20 Port Townsend, WA stevec@powertripenergy.com
Stephen Tedesco Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-22 Puyallup, WA stevet@sunergysystems.com
Eric Thomas Solar PV Installer
091209-180 Seattle, WA eric@solarepiphany.com
Jon Lange Solar PV Installer
031508-50 Seattle, WA jonl@sunergysystems.com
Kevin Charap Solar PV Installer
091110-143 Seattle, WA kevinc@nwwindandsolar.com
Michiel Zuidweg Solar PV Installer
031310-259 Seattle, WA michielzuidweg@hotmail.com
Nicholas Wolf Solar PV Installer
093006-35 Seattle, WA nwolf@alumni.sfu.ca
William Clippard Solar PV Installer
031508-17 Seattle, WA reeves@aandrsolar.com
Bruce Gage Solar PV Installer
091209-62 Spokane, WA bruce@ecodepotinc.com
Alexander Cozine Solar PV Installer
032407-16 Tacoma, WA alex@brotherselectricsolar.com
Brad Burkhartzmeyer Solar PV Installer
031508-13 Tacoma, WA btburk@harbornet.com

West Virginia Solar Installers:
Matthew Sherald Solar PV Installer
031310-201 Thomas, WV matt@getpimby.com

Wisconsin Solar Installers:
Bob Ramlow Solar Thermal Installer
ST032407-16 Amherst, WI artha@wi-net.com
James Kerbel Solar PV Installer
102503-26 Amherst, WI pvsolar@wi-net.com
Patrick Nahm Solar PV Installer
091209-131 Appleton, WI patrick@appleton-solar.com
Varunesh ‘vinoo’ Sharma Solar PV Installer
091209-164 Appleton, WI vinoo_sharma@yahoo.com
Ronald Heutmaker Solar PV Installer
031310-101 Baldwin, WI ronheut@gmail.com
Kurt Hutter Solar Thermal Installer
ST031508-8 Belleville, WI kurth@hhsolar.org
Todd Sullivan Solar PV Installer
031310-215 Beloit, WI tsullivan@ampelectric.com
Chuck Smith Solar PV Installer
091110-221 Brookefield, WI chuck@currentelectricco.com
Christopher Kneeland Solar PV Installer
091110-177 Brookfield, WI csk@wi.rr.com
David Washebek Solar PV Installer
091209-188 Brookfield, WI dwashebek@lembergelectric.com
Dean Wolff Solar Thermal Installer
Brookfield, WI dgwolff@att.net
Kurt Nelson Solar PV Installer
031905-24 Cornucopia, WI sunwise@cheqnet.net
Ryan Logterman Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-28 Delavan, WI rlogterman@gmail.com
Brian Lepak Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-26 East Troy, WI brian.a.lepak@jci.com
Gary Olson Solar PV Installer
091110-198 Ellsworth, WI gusjolson@live.com
Kristopher Schmid Solar PV Installer
031409-121 Frederic, WI solman@legacysolar.com
Michael Eland Solar PV Installer
091308-59 Green Bay, WI ricktrishin@sbcglobal.net
Ivan Welander Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-25 Herbster, WI ivan@activesolar.ws
Richard Mortimer Solar PV Installer
031310-158 Hubertus, WI rmortimer@magaw.com
Brett Robinson Solar PV Installer
091209-152 Hudson, WI brett@green-circuit.com
Craig Tarr Solar Thermal Installer
ST091308-13 Hudson, WI ctarr@energyconcepts.us
Craig Tarr Solar PV Installer
031508-82 Hudson, WI ctarr@energyconcepts.us
Dan Driver Solar PV Installer
031310-55 Janesville, WI agsun@live.com
Tony Dubanowich Solar PV Installer
091110-30 Janesville, WI info@americanpowerinc.net
Jesse Michalski Solar PV Installer
031310-153 Kaukauna, WI jmichalski@new.rr.com
Andrew Bangert Solar PV Installer
102503-3 Madison, WI abangert@hhelectric.com
Andrew Derocher Solar Thermal Installer
ST093006-4 Madison, WI andy@fullspectrumsolar.com
Mark O’Neal Solar Thermal Installer
ST032407-14 Madison, WI marko@fullspectrumsolar.com
Mike Joyce Solar PV Installer
031310-119 Madison, WI solarjoyce@gmail.com
Ross Reykdal Solar Thermal Installer
ST031310-18 Madison, WI rossreyk@yahoo.com
Walter Novash Solar PV Installer
093006-21 Madison, WI walt.novash@jci.com
Andy Williams Solar Thermal Installer
ST031409-12 Manitowoc, WI andy@greenskyenergetics.com
Steven Tweed Solar PV Installer
092405-26 Marshall, WI steve@tweedenergy.com
Greg Ward Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-55 Midleton, WI ew_greg@tds.net
Ed Stoll Solar PV Installer
091209-172 Milwaukee, WI wiscosolar@gmail.com
Nicholas Matthes Solar PV Installer
031310-149 Milwaukee, WI midwestpv@yahoo.com
Patrick Jensen Solar PV Installer
031310-116 Neenah, WI jensenp@fvtc.edu
Michael Troge Solar PV Installer
031409-134 Oneida, WI new.solar@yahoo.com
Brian Marvin Solar PV Installer
091110-76 Oregon, WI bmarvin@krantzelectricinc.com
Ed Zinthefer Solar PV Installer
Plymouth, WI ed@archelectricllc.com
Christopher Laforge Solar PV Installer
041704-24 Port Wing, WI gosolar@cheqnet.net
Matthew Steiner Solar PV Installer
091110-109 River Falls, WI matt.steiner@steinerinc.net
Michael Harvey Solar PV Installer
091308-19 River Falls, WI mike@weknowsolar.com
Paul Steiner Solar Thermal Installer
ST091110-51 River Falls, WI paul.steiner@steinerinc.net
Russel Gilberg Solar PV Installer
091110-46 River Falls, WI russel@summiteco.com
Kevin Kuderer Solar PV Installer
031310-130 Sparta, WI kevkuderer@hotmail.com
Michael Dearing Solar Thermal Installer
ST031409-3 Spring Green, WI mdearing@driftless.net
Craig Buttke Solar PV Installer
031508-14 Stevens Point, WI craig@northwindre.com
Josh Stolzenburg Solar PV Installer
031310-211 Stevens Point, WI josh@northwindre.com
Julie Brazeau Solar PV Installer
091209-24 Stevens Point, WI pvbrazeau@charter.net
Karl Schwingel Solar Thermal Installer
ST031508-13 Stevens Point, WI karlbike@yahoo.com
Randy Schukar Solar PV Installer
031310-196 Stevens Point, WI rschukar@sbcglobal.net
John Hippensteel Solar Thermal Installer
ST032407-10 Sturgeon Bay, WI john@windandsun.com
John Hippensteel Solar PV Installer
031905-14 Sturgeon Bay, WI john@windandsun.com
Mark Yeager Solar PV Installer
031310-251 Sugar Camp, WI markyeager@frontiernet.net
Keith Ouimette Solar Thermal Installer
ST091209-8 Sun Prarie, WI keith@cardinalhvac.com
Steve Panten Solar PV Installer
031310-170 Sussex, WI spanten@amrenewable.com
Johnny Murphy Solar Thermal Installer
ST091308-12 Viroqua, WI nonewco2@yahoo.com
Allen Dittmar Solar PV Installer
091209-46 Watertown, WI ald@metropower.com
Benjamin Nusz Solar Thermal Installer
ST091308-9 Waupaca, WI ben@arthaonline.com
Matthew Parks Solar PV Installer
091110-92 Windsor, WI parksrenewables@gmail.com
James Funk Solar PV Installer
032407-22 Winneconne, WI jim.funk@goenergize.com
Chad Silverthorn Solar PV Installer
031409-128 Wisconsin Dells, WI csilverthorn@verizon.net

Wyoming Solar Installers:
Joshua White Solar PV Installer
031310-245 Jackson, WY jawsolar@yahoo.com
Phil Schneider Solar PV Installer
031508-72 Lander, WY phil@cesolar.com
Scott Kane Solar PV Installer
093006-17 Lander, WY scott@cesolar.com

Puerto Rico Solar Installers:
Angel Zayas Solar PV Installer
091209-201 Carolina, PR azayas@azeng.net
Juan Quintana Solar PV Installer
031310-181 Guaynabo, PR jsquintana@standardpr.com
Pedro Cid Fernandez Solar PV Installer
031310-38 Guaynabo, PR pecid@hotmail.com
Roberto Acosta Solar PV Installer
031310-1 Mayaguez, PR racosta@asdpr.com
Dana Miller Solar PV Installer
091209-121 St. John, PR dmiller@aesbvi.com

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Sunlight Hours

Every year, the light we get from the sun changes depending on the month we are in. This doesn’t seem like it will be changing anytime soon. So, we might as well understand what this means to our solar systems and the electric production we can expect out of them during the winter months.

In the winter, most places in the United States experience a 30-50% decrease in usable sunlight hours. This is going to equate to an approximate 30-50% decrease in electric production from solar panels as well. It is just that simple on the math side. Since sunlight is an essential part of making the solar systems work, when the sunlight hours go down, so does the energy production.

For example here are some average sunlight hour comparisons for some winter months compared to some spring/summer months.

  • Los Angeles California  sunlight hours can change from about 6.1 sunlight hours per day in May to 3.8 hours in October.
  • Jacksonville Florida sunlight hours can change from about 4.3 sunlight hours in February to 6.1 sunlight hours in May.
  • Boise Idaho can have about 3.5 sunlight hours in February and shoots way up to 7.6 average sunlight hours in June
  • Indianapolis Indiana can have 2.8 sunlight hours in January and a total of 6.7 sunlight hours on average in May
  • The state of Kansas is usually around 3.9 sunlight hours in February and goes to about 6.5 hours of sun in May
  • Billings Montana has a massive change from 2.9 hours of sunlight in January up to 7.2 hours of sunlight in June
  • Las Vegas Nevada goes from 4.4 hours of sunlight in February to 8.1 hours of sunlight in June

It is really obvious to see that sunlight hours are always changing just as we rotate around the sun.  And as sunlight hours are essential to making the solar panels operate, the production of the solar systems is going to change as the year moves along.

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Solar Panels to Power an Electric Car

Today I was driving to the grocery store and I noticed a home had 32 PV solar panels on the roof. Also, as the garage door was open, it was easy to see that the home also had a Tesla Electric Car. So this seems to be an example of an American going bigtime Green right!??

So if we take the average sunlight hours per day for this home in Palo Alto, California which is about 5.4 hrs/day. And multiply it by the 32 solar panels (32 X200)= 6400 watt * 5.4 hrs = 34.56 kwh/day DC and then when we take that into AC with the expected energy loss of about 15% that would equal about 29 kwh/day of electricity being produced.

So the big question is, would this be sufficient electricity to run an electric car? Well we would need to know how many miles we wanted to go right? Well, Tesla Motors website talks about roughly 4 miles per kwh. So, that would mean that the 29 kwh from the solar system might be able to get the car to drive about 120 miles/day…

That doesn’t seem to be too bad. Either way, congrats to the man who is going solar and doing an electric vehicle at the same time.

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Home Solar Electric Systems Energy Production Video

The video has 7 examples of electric producing PV Grid connected solar panel systems.  Also, there are estimates as to how much money each system produces each month.  There are examples for a solar system in California with 5.5 sunlight hours and about $.22 per kwh for the cost factor.  Also, there are numbers used for several other states like New York, Texas, and Nevada and Arizona.  One thing that everyone should realize is that even though you may live in a state where there is tons of sunlight, that does not always mean that you will save more money compared to someone living in a less sunny state.  The reason is it also has to do with the average cost of electricity.

Also, the hope is that with the visuals from the video’s solar system examples, you will be able to see what it might look like to have solar panels on your roof.

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How Many Solar Panels Fit in 1000 Sq Feet?

In order to calculate the maximum number of solar panels that will fit on your roof, you need to come up with the square feet you have available.  To make this equation simple, lets assume that you have 1000 sq. feet of space that you would like to place solar panels often referred to as solar cells.

Next, you need to do some calculations to determine the size of the solar panels you will be using.  One of the most common solar panels is 15 sq. feet per panel.  They are roughly 5 ft by 3 ft.  So, for this example, we will use this size solar panel, which if you are wondering is usually about a 175 watt solar panel.

If the Dimensions of the roof are totally square, lets say 33ft by 33ft, which would equal 1000 sq. feet, we can figure this out.

First, take one side of the roof which is 33ft long.  And, lets subtract 3 feet from this side, because we need to have some roof for workers to walk on the roof.  So really, if we did this to all sides, the area we have to work with is now 26 ft by 26 feet.  That would mean that all edges of the original surface area are now taken in by 3 ft for safety.  Here is a diagram of a 33x33ft roof taken in 3 feet on each edge:

1000 sq foot solar roofAnd, when the area is re-adjusted for the 26’x26′ usable solar panels space, it is going to look like the diagram below.  And if you want to maximize the space, you can end up fitting 40 panels on the roof like in the picture diagram below:

40 solar cell rooftopPlease note that if you end up using solar panels for your roof which are lets say 200 watt panels, the dimensions could be considerably different, and would skew the diagram and ideas presented above dramatically, so of course it is best to consult with a solar company to get the exact numbers.

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Solar Sunlight Data Readings in Virginia

The state of Virginia and solar hours are somewhat middle of the road compared to other states in the lower 48.  Here are some of the statistical numbers regarding sunlight hours in a few various places in Virginia:

Lynchburg VA Average Sunlight Hours is 5.0 hours per day with a fixed plate solar panel(meaning on a flat surface)

  • with a one axis tracking flate plate solar collector, you can bring the average sunlight hours up to 6.3 hours per day

Norfolk VA Average Sunlight Hours is 4.7 hours per day with a fixed plate solar panel

  • with a one axis tracking flate plate solar collector, you can increase the average sun hours per day in Norfolk to 5.9 hours

Sterling VA Average Sunlight Hours is 4.7 hour per day with fixed angle solar panels

  • if you used an axis tracking solar panel you would increase that number to 5.8 hours of sunlight per day in Lubbock

Richmond VA average sunlight hours per day is 4.8 with a standard solar panel

  • if you installed an axis tracking solar system you would get 5.9 average sunlight hours per day

Axis Tracking solar systems are going to have higher performance numbers always in terms of kilowatts of energy produced.  The main reason is they have more direct sunlight hours hitting the axis tracking solar panels.  Solar systems that pivot and follow the sun are great, but at the same time the prices for them are higher.  You want to talk to a solar professional prior to purchasing any type of solar system, and make sure to get a clear estimate on how many hours of sunlight the systems should be expected to receive on average each day.  Every solar electric system installer should be able to provide you with this information.

Since electric costs are not super high right now in Virginia, to make the math work with solar power, look into current local incentives.

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Average Sun Hours in Connecticut for Solar

Connecticut is a great location to setup a solar electric system for many reasons, one of the main reasons has to do with the high cost of electricity in this state. But, what you really need to consider as well are how many hours of sunlight occur on average throughout the year in CT.

Here are some statistics for solar sunlight hours per day in Connecticut:

Bridgeport CT Average Sunlight Hours is 4.4 hours per day with a fixed plate solar panel that is facing South

* with a one axis tracking flate plate solar collector, you can bring the average sunlight hours up to 5.5 hours per day

Hartford CT Average Sunlight Hours is also 4.4 hours per day with a fixed plate solar panel

* with a one axis tracking flate plate solar collector, you can increase the average sun hours per day to to 5.4 hours

Axis Tracking solar systems are going to have higher performance numbers always in terms of kilowatts of energy produced. The main reason is they have more direct sunlight hours hitting the axis tracking solar panels. Solar systems that pivot and follow the sun are great, but at the same time the prices for them are higher. You want to talk to a solar professional prior to purchasing any type of solar system, and make sure to get a clear estimate on how many hours of sunlight the systems should be expected to receive on average each day. Every solar electric system installer should be able to provide you with this information. Don’t get discouraged if you live in Connecticut and were hoping that the average number of sun hours per day would be something like 10. That is not the case in any state in the United States. Nor is that the case anywhere in the world for that matter. But since energy costs in CT are so high, solar is a great idea. And with the incentive programs that exists in CT, you should definitely be thinking about an alternative power source for your future.

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