How Many KWH Can 14 Solar Panels Make

How Much Electricity will Solar Panels actually Make?

From the view of the nearest sidewalk a 14 PV panel solar system may not look huge, but the kwh output could surprise you. For houses which are already energy efficient and not surrounded by shade, this size system will make an impact. Looking at the math involved and assuming a solar panel rating of 200 watts per panel, that would mean a 2.8kW system. In most locations, that could produce between 350-500 kwh per month. That is substantial amounts of clean energy which will make you happy when the electric bill arrives. Take a look at what a 2.8 kw system of solar looks like:

14 solar panels

For many residential houses, the south and south-west angles that these solar panels need to have is not going to be an eye-sore, and even if a neighbor complains, ask them if they are worried about their carbon footprint. By decreasing the demand on electricity from the local electric company, every solar house is doing the neighbors a big favor.
During the summer months it should be expected that the solar panels will be making more electricity compared to winter months, that you should have already guessed. Some people do clean their solar panels with water occasionally but that is really not necessary.

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