Residential Solar Systems

24 August 2011

Excellent Examples of Good Looking Residential Photovoltaic Solar Cells and Solar Hot Water Systems: Last week I was on the look out for some nice photos to share with everyone, and I came across a home that really caught my eye.  You can see from the pictures that this home is definitely part of the […]

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Solar Power Through the Years

19 August 2011

You don’t have to have extensive scientific knowledge or a construction management degree to know that solar power is not a new idea.  After the 1839 discovery that a solar cell could convert sunlight into electricity, and, later, the 1876 discovery that a solid material could change sunlight into electricity without extensive moving parts or […]

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Solar Panels To Generate Power for Electric Cars

14 August 2011

All Electric Solar Powered Cars One of the most exciting inventions that the world came across was that of the automobile.  But as most scientists agree on, the burning of fossil fuels is harming our planet and may eventually lead to our extinction as a human race.  With this as the background for new thinking […]

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I’m Retired and I Want Solar Power

11 August 2011

Hi Longtermsolar, I live in Grand Prairie, Texas and use an average of 1550 kw hours per month. What is ball part figure to go solar? I saw there are tax incentives by the Feds but this does not help me any as I am retired and would never recover the taxes unless they have […]

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How To Calculate Electricity from a Big Solar PV System

How To Calculate Electricity from a Big Solar PV System

11 July 2011

Today, let’s all try to figure out how much electricity is being produced from a large photovoltaic solar system.  This particular system is located in an area where there are a few different factors taking place.  First, you can see from the picture that the sunlight is not clear, and that there is quite a […]

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calculating solar

How To Calculate Solar Panels For Daily Electricity Use

05 July 2011

So often people ask me how to begin figuring out how much money a PV solar panel system is going to cost.  Come on, it is by far the most common question asked on this website and it has been for over two years now which is how long the site has been around.  So, […]

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Why Not Solar Powered Lighthouses?

02 July 2011

  Have you ever seen a lighthouse that was powered by solar energy? Or have you ever looked at a lighthouse during daylight and wondered if solar panels could power the light? Today in many coastal towns there must be some green people looking to do this. Or maybe there are a few lucky lighthouse […]

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Solar Becoming More Economical

15 June 2011

In a new report from some of the leading scientists who track the energy production industry, there are new reports that solar energy produced from solar panels is going to cost the same or less to produced in the near future when compared to fossil fuels.  The significance of solar energy being cost effective to […]

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SolarTAC Bringing New Solar Technologies to Colorado

08 June 2011

With the beginning of the summer, there is all kinds of excitement taking place in Aurora, Colorado as SolarTAC decides to set up shop within the city limits with big hopes of becoming the leader in the solar energy side of green technology for the future.  This new company is focusing exclusively on solar technologies, […]

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