Rules for Solar In The State of Illinois (IL)

Illinois Laws Concerning Solar Panels

State Law in Illinois is very good for people who want to own a solar system.  The law is very clear and to the point with regards to the rules and regulations that must be used by both condominium associations and other types of homeowner groups.  The rules also apply for people who might be lucky enough to live on or near a golf course or within a country club type of setting.  The rules is that homeowners and property owners are allowed to have solar panel systems and there are literally no exceptions.  The only part of the rules in the state of Illinois that associations or governing boards may put in place on people wishing to have solar systems is they can enforce rules on the exact location a system should be located at.  But, to the homeowner’s defense, if for example a homeowners association tries to tell someone to place their solar system in a location that negatively impacts the production of electricity or the output of the system, that would be again violating the laws of the state.

Congrats to Illinois and the Governement’s Stand on Solar Panel Rules:

This law has already been tested several times in the state of Illinois and every time the homeowner has prevailed.  Not only does the law prevent housing authorities from controlling and mandating that residents use power from the utility companies, the law also clearly explains that the little rule making the associations do have in Illinois is very little at that.  This is how the solar laws for homes should be.  It should be everyone’s right to have solar power and to place a solar system in a location that is going to produce the most energy.  The hang up that neighbors have about rules on where solar panels can and can not be placed hopefully will eventually just fade away.

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