New York State Solar Rebates, Tax Incentives, and Credits

New York Solar Energy Tax Incentives:

-State Sales Tax Exempt

-Local Sales Tax Exempt

-Also for solar water and solar heating, not just photovoltaic solar

Solar Hot Water Grants and Loan Programs for New York:

-Maximum of $20,000 low interest loan for solar hot water heaters for residents of NY

-Also this loan is available to New York residents who install Geo Thermal heat pumps

Solar Photovoltaic  Panel Incentive Program in New York:

-this program is a first come first served type of incentive.  Applications for this incentive must be submitted and approved.  Each month there is $2 million dollars allocated to the budget for the NY solar incentive program, and once it is used up, applications are no longer accepted.  The New York State Energy and Research Development Authority is the actually governing board of this state level incentive.

-Maximum residential home solar panel incentive is: $12,250

-The rebate may not be more than 40 percent of costs to the homeowner after all other tax credits

-The approximate amount of the solar panel incentive is $1.75/DC watt.  This amount can be lowered if it is determined that there is a potential production loss and efficiency loss of the solar panel system.  More efficient systems will receive a higher incentive.  Also, shading and other factors may also lower the incentive amount of the system.

Requirements to receive the solar panel incentive:

  • solar panels must be new and in good working order
  • the solar system must come with at least a five year warranty
  • there must be a way to monitor the output of the system
  • a NY state approved solar contractor must install the system
  • the solar electric system must be grid connected
  • all local and state and federal building codes must be met and approved

more information on this program can be found at the NY State rebate program website

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