What’s Behind the Solar Panel

The roof has always been the best place for solar panels and there are many reasons for that. The most important reason that nearly all solar cells sit onto of roofs is because that’s where the sunlight is shinning the most.

What happens behind all of these solar panels is really important and crucial towards the overall success of the solar electric installation. One of the main objectives of the roof is to provide a firm foundation for the solar panels. This is accomplished by most solar installers with the help of some rack mounting system that secures directly into the roof. One very popular type of solar rack is called “Unirac”. Most solar mounting hardware/ racks are wind tested in live conditions with solar panels attached. Be sure to evaluate the wind potential at your location.

Examples of 3 types of solar panel attachments to the roof:
1) a flat roof with an angled solar panel rack:


2) heavily sloped roof with a 1.5kw solar system rack mounted:


3) 15kw solar system mounted 4 inches away from the roof:


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