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Heating Water with Solar Panels

solar hot water panels

Finding ways to heat up your water is not a brand new way of thinking.  In several cities across the United States, you will find solar hot water systems in use all over the town, and there is very good reason for this.  Solar hot water saves incredible amounts of money.  Solat Hot Water is a very efficient solar technology, much more efficient when compared to solar electricity, especially when you compare the upfront costs and then compare that to the dollar savings in energy costs.

Apartment Buildings Utilizing Solar Hot Water

In the picture above, you can see that on the rooftop of this 50 plus unit apartment building are many very large solar hot water panels.  These panels are able to heat up all of the hot water needs for over 100 people all year long.  A large scale solar hot water system can provide incredible savings when it is looked at over many years.  The return on investment for solar hot water is comparable to an investment that pays for itself completely in less than 6 years.  Because a well maintained solar hot water system can last for well over 20 years, the overall investment is going to be very hard to beat in today’s economy.  And what could be better than having solar hot water also be promoted as a green technology that is helping the environment too.

If you are looking to add solar hot water to your house, but want to know if it might be better to install solar electric panels instead, don’t think about this too long.  In nearly all cases in the United States right now the solar hot water solution will be your best bet.

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