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How Does Temperature Effect Solar Panels

One common question that many people have when buying a solar system is how temperature effects PV solar panels.  I used to think that when the weather was really hot, it was great for the solar panels, and should mean more electricity is being produced.  But that is not so much the case.  For each solar panel there is a specific temperature which is ideal for making electricity.  And it turns out that solar panels will be “more efficient” when the outside temperature is colder than 100 degrees, and closer to 50 degrees or even less.

The next logical question that most people should have is, How much does temperature effect efficiency? The answer is NOT VERY MUCH.  Infact, the effect that temperature has on the production of PV solar panels is so small that it is rarely talked about and pretty much forgotten as something to be concerned with.For the average homeowner who is buying a solar system, temperature will not be on the list of things to review.  For a large corporation that is deciding between which warehouse to place their multi million dollar PV system, they may consider the roof temperatures of various locations they are considering.

The major factors to consider with regards to having maximum output of your solar panels is shading, angle towards the sun, and making sure the solar panels strings are sized properly with the inverter you are using.  If you really want to optimize the output and efficiency of your solar system, take some time and ask your solar professional some questions about panel temperature, and what types of ideas he/she has to minimize the negative affects that temp can have.  One common practice it to have an airspace between the underside of the panels and the roof, this allows for venitllation of air and tends to keep things cooler during hot summer days.

Good Luck with your solar panels!

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