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Solar Powered Church in the Bay Area

Let’s face it, everybody no matter who you or your organization are are using electricity.  That much we can all agree on.  When there is an interest in finding alternative power sources such as PV solar panels, it is really important to figure out what the barriers are to implementing an actual solar system.

A church in the San Francisco Bay Area decided it was time to get solar panels installed on it’s roof, and the system look pretty amazing.  But, what’s most important is that the system is as efficient as possible because the overall expense to a church for solar energy can be enormous.

Here is a picture of what a nearly 18 KW SOLAR SYSTEM looks like when the sunshine is shining on it.

18 KW Solar Electric Church

18 KW Solar System on Church

How much electricity is this solar system really providing to this church and is it a good financial decision?

So, if we look at the picture, we can figure out the rough estimates for the math.

Calculating KWH and Dollar Savings From Solar:

88 Solar Panels

200 watts each = 17.6 KW Solar System

17.6 KW Solar System Specifications

City: San Francisco
State: California  
Latitude: 37.62° N
Longitude:     122.38° W
Elevation: 5 m
PV System Specifications
DC Rating: 17.6 kW
DC to AC Derate Factor: 0.770
AC Rating: 13.6 kW
Array Type: Fixed Tilt  
Array Tilt: 37.6°
Array Azimuth: 180.0°
Energy Specifications
Cost of Electricity:     25.0 ¢/kWh

Solar Electricity Output and $ Value

Month Solar Radiation
(kWh/m 2/day)
AC Energy

Energy Value


3.62      1447    361.75   
4.59      1665    416.25   
5.22      2109    527.25   
6.11      2352    588.00   
6.36      2532    633.00   
6.47      2486    621.50   
7.01      2768    692.00   
6.67      2624    656.00   
6.62      2498    624.50   
10  5.41      2133    533.25   
11  3.87      1487    371.75   
12  3.35      1348    337.00   
Year  5.45      25448   



From the table above, you can see that this system will be making approximately $6362.00 per year of electricity.  That is a fairly large number, but we need to compare that to the system’s overall cost.  At 17,600 watts, and lets assume that the system has a cost of approximately $6/watt.  That would mean a PV  system cost of roughly: $105,600.  Of course there are probably some local rebates and maybe even some state level and federal rebates or funding programs, so this certain location with high costs in terms of kilowatt per hour charges might make sense for a longterm solar option.  If you were part of a church which was paying only $0.10 per KWH of electricity, the cost structure would be totally different and probably not make very much sense to buy solar power.

church solar roof

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