SolarTAC Bringing New Solar Technologies to Colorado

With the beginning of the summer, there is all kinds of excitement taking place in Aurora, Colorado as SolarTAC decides to set up shop within the city limits with big hopes of becoming the leader in the solar energy side of green technology for the future.  This new company is focusing exclusively on solar technologies, and finding ways to innovate new ways to bring solar power to the masses to help the environment.  There is much to be excited about for everyone all over the country, especially for those in Colorado.

With over $6 Million dollars invested by heavy hitters in the energy world with big names such as Sun Edison and Xcel Energy, there is already much anticipation that this company is going to produce great products and services.  Colorado has been known to offer a wide range of innovation not only in the green tech fields, but also in the networking and engineering areas, so the addition of a focused solar company should fit in perfectly with the local populations.

Much of the hopes of the local college students like those graduating this year from the University of Colorado at Boulder Engineering School are hoping to make their mark in the global economy within companies like SolarTAC.  The impact of bringing new solar technologies to life from idea to production and eventual use is one which has a very strong value proposition to young graduates.  A large focus group from several Engineering Schools found that solar and renewable technologies are now more popular amongst graduating students as potential employers even when compared to larger and more established Internet companies like Google and Yahoo!.  This is definitely a change in thinking from just one decade ago.  And one which just might help the United States gain the upper hand in becoming the world leader in green tech.

As for SolarTAC in Aurora there has not been very much press related to what the current pipeline of products and services is going to be, however there has been much speculation that they are already in the development of several different solar ideas that may be available in the near future.

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