Solar Panels are ALL About Sunlight

California, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona are all excellent states to own solar panels in.  One of the most important reasons being the amount of sunlight hours that these areas have shining on them throughout much of the year.  It just is not a mystery anymore, solar panels do the best when there are high amounts of sunlight, it does not have to do with the outside temperature nearly as much.  The actual electricity is being created when sunlight hits the silicon particles that make up the PV modules.

With the seasons always changing, the annual migration of more and more people to consider solar power heats up in the springtime as well.  There is also a constant flow of sunlight this time of year, so when a neighbor’s house who has solar panels on the roof is spotted, there is a pretty good chance that the panels are sitting in direct sunlight, which looks great.  This raises the overall interest in solar as an alternative energy source.  But the fact remains, solar panels need sunlight to create electricity, and without sunlight they are worthless.

If you are living in a state where there is a high amount of sunlight, you should talk to some other people who have already installed a solar panel system on their roof.  They will for sure have some good ideas about how to start solar from the beginning steps.

For people who are interested in solar panels, but who live in places where the sunlight is less than ideal, you may still be a good candidate.  You should check with a local solar contractor to find out if there are any special energy rebates to help pay for the panels, and also if there are any state level kickbacks or grants that you might be entitled to.

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