SFR Solar – Los Angeles, CA – Solar Company

SFR Solar


1535 South La Cienega Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90035

(310) 289-1555


Solar Services Offered and Review:

SFR solar offers several different appealing services.  First of all, they have a solar lease program that they advertise on their website which is also something that SolarCity has been talking about for a long time.  This is often a way for homeowners to start utilizing solar energy, all along while corporations can make use of the tax advantages that go along with expensive capital expenditures.  SFR Solar also has a solar calculator on their website which is something that solar customers should also look into as it may end up helping them make their decision whether or not to go solar.  Lastly, SFR solar offers a free solar consultation.  During this consultation, they probably offer some insights into your property to help understand if you are a good candidate for solar power or not.  This might be a time where they talk about shading and other potential drawbacks depending on the property specific traits that exist in the area which might get the solar panels.

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