K2 Solar – San Jose, CA – Commerical Solar Company

K2 Solar


2391 Zanker Rd., Suite 380
San Jose, CA 95131
Toll-Free: 1.877.414.0077
Tel: 408.894.9999
Fax: 408.894.9295

Solar Power Services:

K2 Solar focuses primarily on larger scale commercial solar projects for medium sized and larger businesses and local government projects.  One impressive aspect of K2 Solar is that they will gaurantee the electricity output of the solar system they install and quote to their customers, which is something that not all solar companies are able to say they deliver as well.

K2 Solar has a solar warranty which you should also investigate.  You can also read different news about some of their publicized solar installations, one which received quite a bit of press was part of the San Mateo County’s solar initiative where K2 installed solar panels.

K2 Solar can help customers with financing and figuring out ways to help pay for the solar system as well, again, this is a big positive as not all solar companies will go out of their way to help find solutions for their customers.

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