How Many KWH Are in a 5kw Solar System?

The Process For Figuring Out KWH in a Solar System

In order to come up with the most accurate data possible, there are several variables which anyone would need to have to determine the expected amount of electricity or KWH a solar system can produce.  First, you are going to need to have a basic understanding of multiplication and electrical units of measurement, along with a few other crucial pieces of information.

Let us use for this example a 5kw solar system.  We want to determine how many KWH it can produce over the course of an average day during the year. The first piece of information that I would need, and which is required from everyone who orders the customized Solar Evaluation Report is the location of where the solar system is going to be located.  This is because I need to calculate what the average amount of sunlight hours per day per year are for your specific location.  This number is a VERY important part of the overall equation, and the solar radiation amounts will effect all of the KWH numbers no matter if it per day or per month or per year.

Aside from just the system’s location, I will also need to understand what percentage of sunlight is blocked by shade for the actual spot that the solar panel system will be sitting at.  If there is a high amount of shading on the solar panels, it will negatively effect the overall output numbers in terms of kwh produced.  Again, this is also a required estimation that is needed if you are ordering the Solar Evaluation Report, and you would fill that out on the “Submitted Information Form” you are directed to after your purchase.

So, lets do an example, if you have a 5kw solar system, or are thinking about one, and average area that receives about 5 hours of sunlight per day, you could expect the system to produce roughly 20 kwh of electricity per month of the year which is a pretty good amount of electricity in Alternating Current.

2 Responses to “How Many KWH Are in a 5kw Solar System?”

  1. Homero says:

    So are you saying that a 5 kw system will produce on average 20kwh/day or per month? I’m looking and it seems like if you’re saying that the system will produce 20 kwh during the entire month. Meaning that the system would save me only $2.00 on my electricity bill a month which does not seem right considering the cost of the system. I think you meant 20kwh a day on average for the year. Right? I’m sorry. I’m new to this stuff.

  2. SolarGuru says:

    Per day, that’s what could be expected


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