Germany: Stopping Nuclear and Going Solar

The year of 2011 is already shaping up to be one of the most important years for solar energy all over the world. As every country is dealing with a growing need for energy, there are all sorts of ideas and concerns about how to meet energy demands worldwide. Just yesterday, Germany, the largest European economy announced it’s new plan to stop the use of all nuclear power plants over the next two decades. This is a very big decision, and one which will require Germany to re-engineer it’s domestic energy program entirely.
This decision to stop the energy production of nuclear power in Germany is based partially on the nuclear disaster that is taking place in japan following their nuclear meltdown. With so much attention directed towards the helplessness of both the Japanese government and people following the disaster, it became clear that Germany does not want to be in a similar situation someday.
There are several options for Germany to meet the current and future energy demands. Investing in the country’s current and future solar energy programs would most certainly allow Germany to become the world leader in solar panel technology. Another aspect of clean energy and green technology which Germany will be looking to is the solar heating and hot water solar options that exist.
Besides becoming more environmentally friends, the solar industry can also help to bring great jobs to Germans. Some estimates predict that the solar and renewable energy sectors could mean over 200,000 jobs for German people.

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