Amount of Electricity PV Panels Make Annually In Chicago

How Much Electricity Will PV Solar Make In Chicago Each Year?

Calculating the electricity output of solar PV panels is very important and should be looked at and discussed with your PV installer prior to making any decisions.  Photovoltaic panels can produce high amounts of electricity, but there are also many ways that they can lose efficiency and then lose output and value too.

Chicago, IL and Solar Potential

Chicago is one of the cities that is growing rapidly right now with solar power projects.  There has been many different initiatives from the local and state government to promote clean energy and the residents are taking notice.  Still though, everyone needs to pay attention to the science of PV solar and needs to understand the limitations and the expectations that solar can provide.

Estimated Electricity Production from PV in Chicago:

Calculating the electricity production numbers requires an understanding of the average sunlight hours per day each year in any given area.  For Chicago that amount is about 4.8 average hours of sunlight per day per year.

If we look at one average size solar panel of 180 watts DC, we can now calculate the expected electricity.

Here is the math equation to calculate Electricity Production from PV in Kilowatt Hours:

180 watt DC * 4.8 = 864 watts DC each day

After a 15% electricity loss in converting to AC(Alternating Current) the above amount equals: 734 watt hours.

So in one day, 1 solar panel would produce about .734 kwh

Over the course of a year, this would equal = 267 kwh each year.
Summary of Solar Panel Electricity Each Year in Chicago:

One 180 watt solar panel can produce about 267 kilo watt hours (kWh) per year in Chicago, IL.


Chicago, IL PV solar electricity

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