250 KWH Per Month of Solar

For the common American family who is getting ready for the big energy using months of the year, an extra load of electricity being provided by solar panels would be a much needed boost, and especially if it was a considerable amount of power like 250 KWH every month.

What would the financial benefit be for saving 250 KWH per month on your electric bill from solar power?

The answer is going to depend on the type of electric bill you are set on.  If you have a flat rate plan per kilo watt hour, you can simply multiply the 250 kwh’s by the price you pay for each kwh from your utility.  That generally is going to be equal to about $0.15/kwh for an average.  The number does vary state by state, but that would equal about $37.50 in savings each month on your electric bill.  This may not sound like tons of money, but it can sure start to add up quickly.  For example, if you begin to factor in the reality that electricity prices are expected to continually rise in the coming years and pretty much forever, this savings will also continue to grow.

The 250 kwh solar production numbers are not always going to remain constant throughout the year.  What is most typical is that when the months of June, July, August, and September come around, the energy production numbers tend to increase because there are more sunlight hours.  This is almost always the case with anybody who uses solar power in the United States.

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